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  • 2017
  • 1 Season
  • 7.6  (24)

The Fashion Hero is a thrilling and inspiring television show produced by Ammo Content that has been running since 2015. The show is aimed at breaking down the stereotypes that have been entrenched in the fashion industry for a long time. The show has featured a diverse cast of participants, including models of different shapes and sizes, individuals with disabilities, and those who are differently-abled. The show's goal is to help people embrace their uniqueness, celebrate their difference and redefine the fashion industry's standards.

Brooke Hogan, a renowned singer, actress, and TV personality, has been the host of the show since it began. Her energy, enthusiasm, and passion have helped create a welcoming environment for everyone involved in the show.

The show is built around a competition between contestants, where they work to become the next 'fashion hero.' The competitors have access to experts, including stylists, models, and designers, who help them develop and showcase their personal style.

One of the notable experts on the show is Rick Genest, better known as 'Zombie Boy.' Genest was a prominent figure in the fashion industry and became famous for his face tattoos, which made him look like a living skeleton. He served as a mentor on the show, working with contestants to help cultivate their inner beauty and outward appearance.

Throughout the competition, contestants work to redefine the fashion industry's standards and showcase their unique styles. They are challenged to break down boundaries by creating runway looks that cater to various audiences, including those who are differently-abled, plus-size, and those with unconventional tastes.

Each episode of the show presents a new challenge that tests the contestants' artistic abilities and fashion knowledge. These challenges range from creating outfits for disabled models to producing eco-friendly fashion to designing a gender-neutral clothing line.

However, the show goes beyond simple fashion design challenges. It is packed with emotional moments as contestants share their personal stories about how they have struggled to fit into society's existing beauty standards. These moments help them rediscover their inner strength and beauty and motivate them to pursue their dreams.

The Fashion Hero is not just a reality show but also a platform aimed at creating a more inclusive fashion industry. It encourages people from all walks of life to embrace who they are and express their individuality through fashion.

In conclusion, The Fashion Hero is a gripping and inspiring reality show that aims to redefine the fashion industry's standards and promote body positivity. With its talented contestants, expert mentors, and emotional storytelling, the show has become a force for change in the fashion world.

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Extreme Photoshoot
8. Extreme Photoshoot
October 6, 2017
The finalists learn that they'll be getting a crash course on how to create the ideal photo from the master, Adi Barkan, to both help them become savvy models and take direction from photographers. Then, the finalists participate in extreme photo shoots in a variety of thrilling locations. They may be afraid, but they're determined to defy the odds and show what they're made of.
Runaway Runway
7. Runaway Runway
October 6, 2017
The participants are taught how to walk the runway, as they find out they will be performing on a huge outdoor runway at Montreal's Fashion Week! This will be the ultimate personal challenge for each model to express how strong and powerful they've come to feel. This is a crucial turning point in our Fashion Hero models' journey, as the finalists are about to be announced.
Ad and Subtract
6. Ad and Subtract
October 6, 2017
The participants must come up with a creative message for The Fashion Hero. Everyone works together to create a slogan that combines motivation and acceptance. A choreographer aches the participants some slick dance moves in preparation for Brooke's upcoming music video. This exercise encourages the models to get comfortable with their bodies as they learn the dance routines.
Report Cards
5. Report Cards
October 6, 2017
Our participants get a complete taste of what it's like to walk the runway, while the models also take turns covering the event as fashion reporters, because models have to know how to constructively criticize fashion. The participant's are photographed, and photoshopped. Seeing some exaggerated edits, the role-models realize they are better off going with their natural selves.
Bargain Hunters
4. Bargain Hunters
October 6, 2017
The participants must create a commercial spot to endorse an unconventional product, showing them that unconventional is the new convention. The participants visit a Montreal thrift shop and have only $25 to put together an outfit, and remain fashionable to impress the designers.
Roughing It
3. Roughing It
October 6, 2017
The participants head to an overnight camping retreat, without running water, electricity or plumbing and are jolted awake early the next morning by Brooke with a megaphone. Then, they hit the stage and perform stand-up comedy routines where they tell embarrassing stories related to the fashion industry. They say laughter is the best medicine, and our models in training share a healthy dose.
Excess Baggage
2. Excess Baggage
October 6, 2017
The participants are sent to a private island to take on a grueling obstacle course given only a backpack loaded with the fashion industry's stereotypical products. Brooke introduces an international model, who gives the participant's advice about how to behave during a casting interview, and tells the participants to just be themselves. Then he reveals his true self.
Mirror, Mirror
1. Mirror, Mirror
October 6, 2017
The participants immediately dive into an intensive round of "blind speed-dating" with four internationally celebrated fashion designers. Then, the aspiring models approach the mirror and reflect upon the body shaming and criticism they've faced throughout their lives then change into a fun ensemble to focus on feeling strong, bold, and powerful.
  • Premiere Date
    October 6, 2017
  • IMDB Rating
    7.6  (24)