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This collection includes previously unaired sketches and specials that followed the characters later popularized in the classic sitcom The Honeymooners. The segments were aired live on The Jackie Gleason show between 1952 and 1957 and were never rebroadcast. This collection includes more than 50 hours of previously unreleased material.

The Honeymooners Lost Episodes is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (96 episodes). The series first aired on .

The Honeymooners Lost Episodes is available for streaming on the MPI Media Group website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Honeymooners Lost Episodes on demand at Tubi TV Amazon Prime, Amazon, Google Play, Tubi TV online.

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4 Seasons, 96 Episodes
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The Honeymooners Lost Episodes Full Episode Guide

  • The Kramdens and Nortons go on safari in Africa.

  • Blackmailers fake a photo of Ralph fooling around with a Spanish local in Madrid, making Alice jealous.

  • The Kramdens and Nortons appear in a Flakey Wakey commercial on an English television show.

  • While visiting Ireland, Ralph and Norton spend the night in the haunted ancestral Kramden castle.

  • While in Germany, Ralph and Ed accidentally wander into East Berlin and are suspected of being spies.

  • While in Paris, Ralph and Ed are arrested for unwittingly passing counterfeit money.

  • The Kramdens and Nortons win a breakfast cereal contest, the prize being a cruise around the world.

  • The Kramdens and Nortons buy a home in Queens, with disastrous results.

  • Ralph boasts that he is good friends with Jackie Gleason and is tapped into booking him for the Raccoon Lodge dance. Gleason, Carney, Meadows and Randolph appear in dual roles as their characters and themselves.

  • Ralph and Norton try to raise funds to buy a local candy store by entering a radio contest.

  • Ralph and Norton are convinced they've won a car in a raffle.

  • Ralph works third shift and the neighborhood won't let him sleep during the day.

  • Ralph sees Alice going into an obstetrician's office and believes she is pregnant.

  • Ralph and Norton campaign for a local politician.

  • Alice wants to buy life insurance so Ralph fakes being an alcoholic when a doctor pays a house call.

  • Ralph and Alice plan surprise anniversary parties for each other.

  • The gang rehearse their acts for a local talent show.

  • When the building landlord (Jack Benny) refuses to make repairs to his apartment, Ralph withholds rent and does the redecorating on his own.

  • The wives demand that the boys spend more time with them so Ralph and Norton scheme to exhaust the girls with a wild night on the town.

  • Ralph must lose weight fast in order to pass a bus company physical.

  • The Kramdens and Nortons decide to save money by moving in together.

  • Ralph and Norton take an interest in astrology.

  • Ralph and Alice adopt a baby.

  • Ralph loses a night's sleep trying to patch up a quarrel between Ed and Trixie.

  • Ralph takes up a collection to buy an expensive watch as a wedding present for his boss's daughter, but Alice finds the watch and thinks it is a birthday present for her.

  • Ralph makes idle boasts to a fatherless boy who idolizes him.

  • Ralph visits a psychiatrist in order to control his short temper, but the shrink tells Ralph to sever his friendship with Norton.

  • Ralph tries to set up a lonely friend on a blind date, but local gossip leads Alice to believe that Ralph is the one on the prowl.

  • Ralph receives a promotion but a mishap causes him to be labeled as a thief after his first day on the job.

  • Ralph sues Norton over a television set which Norton won in a raffle.

  • Ralph and Norton form a songwriting partnership.

  • Bad advice from Ralph's brother-in-law results in the Kramdens and Nortons investing in a run-down hotel.

  • Ralph and Alice are contestants on Beat the Clock. Featuring Bud Collyer.

  • Following domestic spats, Ed moves in with Ralph and Alice moves in with Trixie.

  • When Ralph becomes a local hero after helping to nab an escaped convict, he is seduced by a couple of crooked political bosses into running for the city council.

  • Ralph has tickets to the World Series the same day he is to attend Alice's sister's wedding.

  • Ralph has been selected to appear on a live commercial for a candy bar, only to develop a sweets-induced toothache the night before the broadcast.