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  • 1951
  • 5 Seasons

The Honeymooners Lost Episodes from MPI Media Group is a timeless comedy series starring Jackie Gleason as Ralph Kramden and Audrey Meadows as his long-suffering wife, Alice. The series takes place in a working-class neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY, where Ralph works as a bus driver and dreams of striking it rich. The show originally aired from 1955 to 1956, and has since become a classic in television history.

The Lost Episodes are compiled from unreleased material that was rediscovered in the late 1990s. These episodes were filmed in a single-camera style and were intended to be part of a summer replacement series for The Jackie Gleason Show. However, due to contractual issues, they were never aired and were thought to be lost forever.

The Lost Episodes feature some of the most iconic moments from the show's original run. Each episode finds Ralph and Alice bickering over finances, as Ralph comes up with increasingly implausible schemes to strike it rich. Despite his best efforts, Ralph always ends up falling short, leading to hilarious arguments with Alice and their neighbors, Ed and Trixie Norton.

The chemistry between Gleason and Meadows is what makes The Honeymooners Lost Episodes truly shine. Meadows is the perfect foil to Gleason's larger-than-life personality, and their banter is both witty and endearing. Meanwhile, Art Carney steals the show as Ed Norton, Ralph's dim-witted best friend and upstairs neighbor.

Notably, The Honeymooners was one of the first shows to depict a married couple sleeping in the same bed, which was considered scandalous at the time. This groundbreaking move earned the show a place in television history, and The Lost Episodes continue to be enjoyed by audiences today.

In addition to the timeless comedy, The Honeymooners Lost Episodes also showcase a slice of life in 1950s America. From the fashion to the language and attitudes of the time, these episodes are a fascinating look back at an era long gone.

Overall, The Honeymooners Lost Episodes from MPI Media Group are a must-see for fans of classic comedy. Gleason, Meadows, and Carney are a trio of comedic geniuses who deliver laughs, heart, and even some social commentary along the way. If you're looking for a nostalgic trip down memory lane or just a good laugh, these lost episodes are sure to deliver.

The Honeymooners Lost Episodes is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (102 episodes). The series first aired on October 5, 1951.

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The New Manager
11. The New Manager
April 19, 1969
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Hot Tip
8. Hot Tip
February 8, 1969
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Alice's Birthday
6. Alice's Birthday
December 7, 1968
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TV Game Of The Week
3. TV Game Of The Week
October 20, 1962
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Two Below
2. Two Below
September 29, 1962
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Investing In The Future
1. Investing In The Future
October 9, 1960
Summary is not available.
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  • Premiere Date
    October 5, 1951