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  • 2017
  • 1 Season
  • 4.1  (42)

As requested, here is a description of the show The Kellyanne Conway Story from Funny Or Die starring Diane Kruger and Christopher Meloni from 2017. The Kellyanne Conway Story is a satirical short film that parodies the life and career of Kellyanne Conway, a prominent Republican pollster and political commentator who rose to national prominence during the 2016 presidential campaign as the campaign manager for Donald Trump. The film stars Diane Kruger as Kellyanne Conway and Christopher Meloni as her husband, George T. Conway III.

The film starts with Kellyanne Conway introducing herself and her husband to the audience, explaining that they are a married couple who have worked in Republican politics for many years. Kellyanne then takes us through her early career as a pollster and political consultant, showing off her strategic mind and her ability to help Republicans win elections. She then talks about how she got involved in the 2016 presidential campaign and how she helped Donald Trump win the Republican nomination and then the general election.

Despite her success, Kellyanne faces numerous challenges throughout the film, including criticism from the media, protests from anti-Trump activists, and conflicts with her husband over their differing political views. At one point, Kellyanne even has to deal with an angry Trump supporter who accuses her of being a member of the "deep state" and a "traitor" to the president.

Throughout the film, Kellyanne also has to deal with the stresses and pressures of her high-profile job, including constant travel, long hours, and the need to always be "on message" and defend the president no matter what. She struggles to balance her work and home life, and we see various scenes of her dealing with the demands of both.

Despite the challenges, Kellyanne remains steadfastly committed to her work and to the Republican Party. She is shown as a smart, tough, and determined woman who will do whatever it takes to win elections and advance conservative policies. The film ends with Kellyanne back at her desk, working hard and plotting her next moves.

Overall, The Kellyanne Conway Story is a hilarious and biting satire that skewers the world of Republican politics and the Trump administration in particular. Diane Kruger and Christopher Meloni deliver excellent performances that capture the absurdity and the drama of the political world. Highly recommended for fans of political satire and comedy.

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Clip 3: Parables
4. Clip 3: Parables
July 20, 2017
Kellyanne puts Pence in his place, threatening to take away the two things he holds most dear: J.C. and Mother.
Clip 2: Chicken and Choices
3. Clip 2: Chicken and Choices
July 20, 2017
Kellyanne and Donald share a tender moment over tender white meat, musing on their contributions to American democracy.
Clip 1: The Birth of Alternative Facts
2. Clip 1: The Birth of Alternative Facts
July 20, 2017
After a shocking "Access Hollywood" tape surfaces, Kellyanne's budding relationship with a charismatic politician falters. His undeniable magnetism draws her right back in, with exactly what she wants to hear...
Exclusive Trailer
1. Exclusive Trailer
July 20, 2017
When Kellyanne's latest campaign falls flat, she gets a seductive offer from a businessman-turned-politician to leave her life of integrity behind and embrace an...alternate...reality.
  • Premiere Date
    July 20, 2017
  • IMDB Rating
    4.1  (42)