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The television show Those Who Can't, is a funny and entertaining television movie series focused on a group of unorthodox teachers who have to teach a school of children that are incredibly immature. These students have proven to be a handful when it comes to teaching them virtually anything.

However, to make teaching even more of a challenge, these teachers are also quite immature themselves. In fact, these teachers are even more childish than the students they are trying to teach. In addition, these teachers are the misfits when it comes to the teaching community. Viewers will find themselves laughing at some of the unbelievable antics these teachers provoke.

Amazon Studios
3 Seasons, 35 Episodes
February 11, 2016
Cast: Nikki Glaser, Rory Scovel, Kyle Kinane, Erica Brown
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Those Who Can't Full Episode Guide

  • With the school in danger of being shut down, the gang hatches a plan to save the day. Meanwhile, Quinn and Tammy embark on a drug-fueled vision quest.

  • Abbey enjoys success at her new career away from Smoot. In her absence, the gang struggles with their altered group dynamic and Loren takes over as librarian.

  • Steven's vocational career fair has Loren and Abbey questioning their professional paths. Meanwhile, Shoemaker and Fairbell join a cult-like pyramid scheme.

  • Everyone chips in to throw Loren and Jade a dream wedding at the school. Meanwhile, Abbey wants to take her anonymous online relationship to the next level.

  • The Smoot Faculty exploits student-teachers from a local university.

  • Out in the woods for a cross-country race, the gang stumbles upon a hermit they believe is a legendary serial killer.

  • When a Smoot student becomes a viral sensation, Shoemaker gets a brush with fame, and Loren and Abbey try to out-viral everyone with a video of their own.

  • As Tammy desperately tries to take care of an urgent personal matter, Smoot deals with a crisis of its own: a taco-less Tuesday.

  • With the gang trapped in a Smoot "escape room," new guidance counselor Steven leads the charge to get them fired.

  • The Smoot teachers rally around a student as they raise money for his heart transplant.

  • With the gang in charge of the homecoming parade floats, tensions rise and class warfare ensues.

  • Quinn returns as principal and starts a campaign to tackle the rampant bullying at Smoot - but disturbing the delicate social ecosystems has consequences for everyone.

  • Against all odds, Fairbell is excelling in his new role as principal - but the arrival of a buttoned-up guidance councilor jeopardizes the rest of the gang's easy street.

  • It's graduation week at Smoot, and Shoemaker begins aggressively selling Class of 2017 memorabilia to earn some extra cash. Plus, Quinn's effort to set Loren up with a woman backfires, and Fairbell's future at Smoot is in jeopardy.

  • Smoot is used as a polling station for the Denver mayoral election, and Quinn assigns the staff to count votes. But the series finale of a major television show preoccupies the teachers.

  • When graffitied pentagrams start popping up around school, Quinn supplies the staff with GoPro cameras to catch the vandal - leading to a night of pandaemonium.

  • After being appointed interim wrestling coach, Fairbell starts a beef with the rival school's coach, who Abbey has a crush on. Plus, Shoemaker takes testosterone, and Loren deals with a new girlfriend - and her two children.

  • Loren finally completes his novel, but the book's success goes to his head, forcing Shoemaker to become his 'agent.' However, when the novel sparks a hookup outbreak, Fairbell and Summer's abstinence class takes a dramatic turn.

  • It's Principal Quinn's trial, and Shoemaker, Abbey, Fairbell and Loren have been summoned to the witness stand. Meanwhile, Cattie enlists Leslie to transform Smoot into a passable school for an incoming reporter.

  • After Abbey accidentally discovers Smoot's racist past, Cattie brings Native American students in to make up for the bad publicity. Plus, Rod and Loren start a craft brewery on campus, but find that their success may be short-lived.

  • Obsessed with the underground rap scene, Loren recruits Shoemaker and Fairbell to join his crew. Meanwhile, Abbey gets caught up in the local gang life, and Shoemaker and Rod butt heads over his relationship with Rod's mother.

  • Cattie hires a former Denver Bronco to be Smoot's new head football coach, and he appoints Loren as his assistant. But the new coach's methods don't sit well with Tammy and Shoemaker, who go to great lengths to fire him.

  • Shoemaker seeks emergency medical help from Abbey; Fairbell takes on a role assisting Cattie, Smoot's new principal; and Loren is left alone in the dust.

  • With the dreaded new school year right around the corner, the teachers get a surprise when Rod returns to Smoot a sober man. But his new insufferable attitude forces the gang to do the unthinkable to get him back to his old self.

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