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  • 2019
  • 2 Seasons
  • 7.4  (8)

Train Truckers is an exciting television series that debuted on Yesterday channel in 2019. This exhilarating show offers viewers an up-close and personal peek into the challenging world of railway transit. It predominantly revolves around an extraordinary team of engineers, crane operators, and transport drivers who tackle complex logistics and often harsh weather conditions to deliver gigantic and precious cargo - trains - to their typical and sometimes unexpected destinations.

The show features a team employed by Allelys Group, a specialized haulage company located in the United Kingdom. Being a widely acknowledged sector leader, Allelys is often tasked with the daunting responsibility of transporting massive locomotives across challenging stretches - including railways, open water, busy roads, and sometimes across continents. The show captures the key facets of their work, taking the audience into the heart of the action and showcasing the problem-solving and technical skills required to successfully navigate this niche line of business.

Each episode of Train Truckers is an adrenaline-pumping adventure as the team goes above and beyond to ensure the safe and secure delivery of their cargo. These are not just any consignments, but priceless locomotives boasting of rich histories, staggering weights, and gigantic sizes. The team navigates their way through complex logistics that involve meticulously planned routes, heavy cranes, and specially designed trailers. In addition, the team often finds themselves battling harsh weather conditions, busy city traffic, narrow country roads, and even tides while crossing water bodies. But ultimate success only comes when these magnificent mammoth machines are successfully delivered in pristine condition at their intended destinations.

Train Truckers masterfully captures the blood, sweat, and toil that go into each load, all the while sensitively highlighting the incredible passion and pride the team carries for their singularly unique occupation. It educates viewers about the intricacies involved in transporting locomotives and the sheer expertise needed to execute such undertakings seamlessly. On several occasions, the team is also seen transporting vintage trains to rail festivals and museums which bestows upon the series a charming historical dimension. Viewers are given an opportunity to delve into the historical significance of these locomotives, enhancing their appreciation for this form of travel and the preservation of its heritage.

The series also underscores the personal lives and camaraderie of team members, drawing viewers more personally into their world. Watching them navigate personal challenges and share lighter moments together makes the audience invest in them as individuals, adding a more profound depth to the series. The show strikes the right balance by focusing on the human aspect of the Train Truckers, not just the technical or professional.

Train Truckers from Yesterday does a marvelous job of offering viewers a slice of a realm that is usually closed to everyday observation. The series remarkably brings forth the blend of technical expertise, physical fortitude, and mental agility involved in train trucking, ultimately creating a rather captivating viewing experience. Amid several generic reality series, Train Truckers stands tall as a fresh and intriguing show providing an enlightening perspective into the lesser-known world of hauling trains.

In conclusion, Train Truckers is an engrossing series that successfully blends excitement, adventure, history, reality, and human resilience. It is not just for train enthusiasts or history buffs, but for anyone who appreciates a well-told real-life adventure.

Train Truckers is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (14 episodes). The series first aired on August 21, 2019.

Train Truckers
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Class 37
8. Class 37
September 15, 2022
The Train Truckers are on the clock this week as they attempt to move a 100 ton diesel engine to a gala extravaganza, as well as a 175 ton rail crane destined for Egypt.
Deltic 9009
7. Deltic 9009
September 8, 2022
The Train Truckers are on a tricky mission to deliver a legendary diesel locomotive, that's undergone over half a million pounds worth of repairs, over 40 miles across the country ready for a diesel gala without scratching its pristine paintwork.
Royal Highland Fuselier
6. Royal Highland Fuselier
September 1, 2022
At the Great Central Railway in Leicestershire heavyweight haulers Zak and Harry and ramp man Dave, are loading a 100 ton Deltic diesel engine, no 19, Royal Highland Fuselier, ahead of a titanic move to the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway in Wirksworth, Cheshire.
Nigel Gresley Train
5. Nigel Gresley Train
August 25, 2022
The Train Truckers are on a special mission to deliver an iconic, record breaking steam engine, the Sir Nigel Gresley, more than 40 miles across the country as it heads off to start a new chapter in its illustrious career.
WW2 Steam Train
4. WW2 Steam Train
August 18, 2022
Train Truckers Kevin Norris, Gavin Josephs and new recruit, escort driver Sebastian Randzio are taking on the monumental challenge of hauling a cherished wartime iron workhorse, born in the USA, from its home at the Churnet Valley Railway in Staffordshire 160 miles across country to be the star attraction at a winter extravaganza in Oxfordshire. The crew must battle crowded towns, country lanes and the tightest of turns to deliver this valuable 1940's former American military steam train - designated the S160 - without a scratch.
GWR Steam Locomotive
3. GWR Steam Locomotive
August 11, 2022
At the Severn Valley Railway in Shropshire one of its most loved locomotives, a Great Western Railway 'Modified Hall' steam engine and its tender, is being taken out of service as it needs a safety inspection. Worth over a quarter of a million pounds it needs to be in safe storage while it waits but just one thing stands in the way - two hundred and fifty miles of busy motorways and winding roads.
Heavy Haul Train
2. Heavy Haul Train
August 4, 2022
Train Truckers Ian Bagladi and Luke Beaman need to haul a CBD80 battery-powered loco 20 miles from a factory in Burton-on-Trent to the heritage Chasewater Railway in Staffordshire - but navigating the access site without damaging the expensive goliath will be a titanic task.
100 Ton Train
1. 100 Ton Train
July 28, 2022
Train Truckers Zak Bancroft and Nathan Glover are taking on the monumental challenge of hauling a fully restored 115 ton 1960's Class 47 diesel engine [pictured], known as 'Basil', from its home at Crewe Heritage Centre in Cheshire to the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway in Derbyshire, where it will be the star attraction at their forthcoming Gala Festival.
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Train Truckers is available for streaming on the Yesterday website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Train Truckers on demand at Amazon Prime.
  • Premiere Date
    August 21, 2019
  • IMDB Rating
    7.4  (8)