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  • TV-14
  • 2018
  • 2 Seasons
  • 7.1  (385)

The Lake Erie Murders is a true-crime television show that aired on Investigation Discovery from 2018 to 2020. The show is hosted by journalist and author Scott Smith and police officer Martin Ballantyne. The series is centered around the gruesome murders that took place in the Lake Erie region.

The Lake Erie Murders takes the viewers on a journey across the region that spans four states: Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, and Michigan. The show explores the area's dark past, highlighting the unsolved murders and the investigations that followed. Each episode of the show features a different case, which is presented in chronological order of the events leading up to the murder and the aftermath.

The presentation of the show is unique, featuring interviews with law enforcement officials, forensic experts, and family members of the victims. The interviews paint a vivid picture of the crime scenes and the impact that the murders had on the families left behind. The show also uses reenactments to help viewers understand the crime scenes, bringing the events to life in a more tangible way.

One of the themes throughout the show is the impact of small-town communities and the role that they play in solving the crimes. The Lake Erie Murders emphasizes the efforts of local law enforcement, who often work on the cases for years without any leads. The show highlights the crucial role that the community plays in providing anonymous tips, which have helped solve several of the cases presented in the show.

Another theme throughout the show is the use of forensic science in solving the cases. The Lake Erie Murders emphasizes the importance of forensic evidence in solving cases, especially in the modern era. The show also explores the role that advances in DNA testing have played in helping to solve many cold cases.

The Lake Erie Murders also focuses on the emotional toll that these murders take on the families of the victims. The interviews with family members are often emotional and raw, displaying the pain and grief that they still carry with them. The show also explores the impact that the murders have had on the community and the fear that they instill in the residents of the region.

Overall, The Lake Erie Murders is a compelling show that uses a unique approach to true-crime storytelling. The show's emphasis on the impact of small-town communities and forensic science on solving cold cases makes it stand out from other true-crime shows. The interviews with law enforcement officials, forensic experts, and family members of the victims all add to the depth and effectiveness of the storytelling. If you're a fan of true-crime shows or interested in the Lake Erie region's dark history, The Lake Erie Murders is definitely worth checking out.

The Lake Erie Murders is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (22 episodes). The series first aired on December 30, 2018.

The Lake Erie Murders
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Cabin Fever
10. Cabin Fever
April 19, 2020
Ian and Nancy Blackburn's lifeless bodies are discovered stuffed into the trunk of their own car; the investigation unmasks a monster who hides in plain sight.
Trail of Fear
9. Trail of Fear
April 12, 2020
The body of a 74-year-old woman is found bludgeoned to death, the gruesome discovery sends shockwaves across the community. Suspicion and paranoia take control. Then a young girl vanishes, and her case exposes sordid secrets hidden for decades.
Killer Night Out
8. Killer Night Out
March 29, 2020
Bright and beautiful nurse's aide Janean Brown prepares for a night out on the town, unaware that it will be her last. The following day, her body is found in a drainage ditch. As Janean's distraught friends, family and community seek answers, unexpected suspects emerge, and a riveting investigation reveals a darker account of the night she died than anyone could have imagined.
Trail of Frozen Tears
7. Trail of Frozen Tears
March 22, 2020
Just days after Thanksgiving, the body of beloved local woman Viola Manville is discovered on an abandoned railroad track. The discovery sends shockwaves through the small, close-knit town. As suspects are ruled out and potential leads dry up, Viola's family begins to lose hope of finding justice. But when 4-year-old Kali Poulton vanishes from her own front yard in the neighboring town, a call comes through that exposes sordid secrets hidden for decades.
Night Shift Nightmare
6. Night Shift Nightmare
March 15, 2020
The naked body of 19-year-old Wanda Musk is found just miles from where she worked at local gas station. In the wake of the vicious killing, suspicions mount over several young men in the community including her ex-boyfriend and a troubled local teen.
Heartbreak Hotel
5. Heartbreak Hotel
March 8, 2020
A deep dive into the 1989 kidnapping and murder of 10-year-old Amy Mihaljevic.
Black Sabbath
4. Black Sabbath
March 1, 2020
In Toledo, Ohio, Sister Margaret Ann is discovered dead in the chapel on Holy Saturday morning; police mount an investigation that will unearth the lies and secrets leading to her death.
Unholy Communion
3. Unholy Communion
February 23, 2020
A devoted fiancé discovers that his beloved partner, Anne Boncella, and her 8-year-old daughter have been murdered; the ensuing investigation will unravel shocking secrets that have been dormant in their seemingly peaceful hometown.
The Vanishing Teens
2. The Vanishing Teens
February 16, 2020
In the fall of 1991, rural Michigan is plunged into paranoia and fear when four local teenage girls vanish without a trace; the community is in lockdown as residents face up to the very real possibility that a predator walks among them.
Devil at the Crossroads
1. Devil at the Crossroads
February 9, 2020
Shauna Howe, only 11 years old, disappears as she returns home from a Girl Scout Halloween party; when Shauna's body shows up in a local creek, her murder ignites an investigation whose conclusion sends a shockwave through her community.
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  • Premiere Date
    December 30, 2018
  • IMDB Rating
    7.1  (385)