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  • 2016
  • 1 Season

Understanding Nonverbal Communication is a fascinating course from The Great Courses Signature Collection that explores the complex world of nonverbal communication. The course is presented by Mark Frank, an expert in the field, who provides an in-depth analysis of the various types of nonverbal communication and their significance.

The course begins by discussing the basics of nonverbal communication, including the various forms it can take, such as facial expressions, hand gestures, and body language. Frank provides insight into how our nonverbal cues can be used to convey emotion, establish rapport, and convey important information.

Throughout the course, Frank uses real-life examples to illustrate how nonverbal communication impacts our interactions with others. Whether it's a job interview, a first date, or a business negotiation, nonverbal communication plays a crucial role in our ability to connect and communicate effectively with others.

One of the key takeaways from the course is the importance of understanding cultural differences in nonverbal communication. Frank explains how different cultures can interpret nonverbal cues differently, so it's crucial to be aware of these differences when communicating with people from different backgrounds.

Another interesting topic covered in the course is the role of nonverbal communication in deception. Frank explains how our nonverbal cues can often give away our true thoughts or intentions, and how it's possible to train yourself to spot these cues in others.

Overall, Understanding Nonverbal Communication is an engaging and informative course that provides valuable insights into the world of nonverbal communication. Whether you're looking to improve your communication skills, better understand human behavior, or simply want to learn something new, this course is definitely worth checking out.

Understanding Nonverbal Communication is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on November 1, 2016.

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Communicating Attraction
12. Communicating Attraction
November 1, 2016
Conclude the course by revealing how the ability to better read nonverbal communication can affect our daily relationships and help us have a better chance of success in all areas of life. From job interviews to doctor€™s visits, Dr. Frank will show you the impact nonverbal communication has in everyday situations.
Spotting Nonverbal Deception
11. Spotting Nonverbal Deception
November 1, 2016
The ability to detect a lie by clues in the voice, body language, or facial expression is a much-desired skill. When under scrutiny, most people react with aroused emotions-anxiety, for example-even when they are telling the truth. Learn the difference between a deception and a lie then explore the scientific data behind our ability to read honesty.
Cultural Differences in Nonverbal Communication
10. Cultural Differences in Nonverbal Communication
November 1, 2016
This lecture delves into the impact culture has had on nonverbal communication. Examine the nonverbal communication differences that are driven by the integration of biology and culture, including the unwritten display rules that every culture adopts.
Interpreting Nonverbal Communication
9. Interpreting Nonverbal Communication
November 1, 2016
How good are we at reading people? Can we train ourselves to be better at this skill, or is it an inherent ability? This lecture explores a number of studies that measure the ability to read facial expressions, voice and tone, and body language. Get some tips for improving your own ability to read nonverbal communication.
Cues from Gestures and Gait
8. Cues from Gestures and Gait
November 1, 2016
Body language communicates many things, and often contradicts messages that our words convey. Divide the body into the areas that send the clearest signals about your intent to better understand how to use your posture and gestures to communicate.
Hidden Clues in Vocal Tones
7. Hidden Clues in Vocal Tones
November 1, 2016
Probe into the nonverbal elements of the voice: the configurations of pausing, the irregularities of speech, and vocal tone. Tone includes the amplitude (volume), timbre, resonance, and pitch of the voice. Discover how much you can-and can€™t-tell about a person just from their voice and speech patterns.
Secrets in Facial Expressions
6. Secrets in Facial Expressions
November 1, 2016
Take a closer look at facial expressions, learning that some reactions may be superficially easy to read, while other expressions demonstrate a conflict of feelings or nuances that often get lost in the interpretation.
Evolution€™s Role in Nonverbal Communication
5. Evolution€™s Role in Nonverbal Communication
November 1, 2016
Unravel the long history of how nonverbal communication has evolved, how and why we originally interacted with others, and how the biological history of our bodies suggests that our ability to communicate verbally was so limited, the only way we could send messages to friends and foes was through facial expressions and body language.
What Body Type Doesn€™t Tell You
4. What Body Type Doesn€™t Tell You
November 1, 2016
Can we predict behavior and personality based on the body or the face? Are taller people more likely to earn more money than shorter people? What makes someone€™s face attractive? Dr. Frank looks at the myths and facts about how age-old cultural references in seeking mates and partners have evolved into snap judgments about personality types, which can have an effect on our potential success.
Space, Color, and Mood
3. Space, Color, and Mood
November 1, 2016
See how you send signals by just by the colors you choose to wear, or the makeup and scent you apply. Trace the evolution of why certain colors or smells still send subtle and often unconscious messages. Study how the use of space, architecture, lighting, and other, seemingly ambiguous external factors can all have an impact on how we feel, react, and behave.
The Meaning of Personal Space
2. The Meaning of Personal Space
November 1, 2016
Examine the biological drives, such as territorialism, that influence our nonverbal reactions. Define the three €œlevels€ of territories and see how they affect our reaction. Understanding this is an inherent reaction in everyone can help reduce social conflicts.
The Science of Nonverbal Communication
1. The Science of Nonverbal Communication
November 1, 2016
Learn about the popular, and often incorrectly referenced, study from the 1960s that opened the door to the modern study of nonverbal communication. Understand why nonverbal communication matters so much, and learn how it interacts with verbal communication to reemphasize or deemphasize the message.
Where to Watch Understanding Nonverbal Communication
Understanding Nonverbal Communication is available for streaming on the The Great Courses Signature Collection website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Understanding Nonverbal Communication on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Kanopy and Hoopla.
  • Premiere Date
    November 1, 2016