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  • 2024
  • 1 Season

At the heigh of his career and powers, Japan's master fixer, who has guided politicians and business heads through some of Japan's biggest scandals and triumphs, must maneuver through his last and biggest fix. Meanwhile, he must come to grips with the problems that besiege his own familiy as he discovers that fixing his family is sometimes harder than fixing a country.

Wonderful World is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (14 episodes). The series first aired on March 1, 2024.

Wonderful World
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Episode 14
14. Episode 14
April 13, 2024
Soohyun exposes Kim Joon at a publishing event. Kim Joon is cornered and makes an unexpected choice.
Episode 13
13. Episode 13
April 12, 2024
Soohyun and Seonyul begin their fight against Kim Joon, but Kim Joon is not one to stay idle.
Episode 12
12. Episode 12
April 6, 2024
Seonyul is shocked to learn that Kim Joon is the culprit. Soohyun and Seonyul focus on the motive.
Episode 11
11. Episode 11
April 5, 2024
Soohyun extends a hand to Seonyul. Soohyun discovers the true culprit behind Eunmin's incident.
Episode 10
10. Episode 10
March 30, 2024
Soo Hyun tells Seon Yul that his mother is more important. Seon Yul gets a call that Eun Min is awake.
Episode 9
9. Episode 9
March 29, 2024
Soo Hyun is tormented by Su Ho and Yu Ri's betrayal. But Seon Yul has no intention of stopping.
Episode 8
8. Episode 8
March 23, 2024
Soohyun discovers Seonyul's true identity. Can Soohyun protect her family from Seonyul's revenge?
Episode 7
7. Episode 7
March 22, 2024
Soohyun suspects that Seonyul may not be Hyeongja's victim. She tries to unveil his identity
Episode 6
6. Episode 6
March 16, 2024
Soohyun senses who sent the photo, and she clashes with Seonyul, who puts himself in danger nonstop.
Episode 5
5. Episode 5
March 15, 2024
Soohyun is shocked to see Suho enter the hotel. Meanwhile, Soohyun takes care of Seonyul.
Episode 4
4. Episode 4
March 9, 2024
Soohyun receives a photo of her husband's affair. Meanwhile, Seonyul decides to accept the diary.
Episode 3
3. Episode 3
March 8, 2024
Soohyun goes to find Seonyul to fulfill Hyeongja's request. Will she be able to do it safely?
Episode 2
2. Episode 2
March 2, 2024
Soohyun is imprisoned for seeking revenge. She is released after seven years with a duty to fulfill.
Episode 1
1. Episode 1
March 1, 2024
Soohyun loses her son in an accident. When the perpetrator receives leniency, she seeks revenge.
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  • Premiere Date
    March 1, 2024