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  • 2014
  • 1 Season

Yoga is a practice that has been around for thousands of years and is becoming increasingly popular for its physical, mental, and emotional benefits. The Great Courses Signature Collection has created a captivating series called Yoga for a Healthy Mind and Body, hosted by expert Heidi Sormaz.

Heidi Sormaz is an experienced yoga instructor and expert in the field. She takes viewers through a series of yoga sessions, from beginner level to advanced, that focus on improving overall wellness. The series is shot in a beautiful setting that enhances the viewer's experience and connection to the practice.

The series is broken down into twelve courses to take viewers through a structured and progressive journey of yoga practice. Each course is comprehensive and addresses a specific area of focus. For example, viewers can choose to focus on stress reduction, improving flexibility, or strengthening the core muscles.

Each course is typically 30-45 minutes long, making it easy for viewers to fit a yoga session into their busy schedules. The content of each course is well-tailored and thoughtfully designed to be challenging yet achievable for all levels of yoga practitioners.

Heidi Sormaz does an excellent job of explaining each pose and providing clear instructions that viewers can easily follow. The poses are also carefully explained and demonstrated so viewers can understand how to execute them safely and effectively. The practice of yoga is often done without much direction, so it is valuable to have Sormaz's guidance throughout the course.

Beyond the physical aspect of yoga, Sormaz delves into the mental and emotional benefits of the practice. She helps viewers understand how to incorporate mindfulness into each yoga session and how to take that mindfulness off of the mat and into their everyday lives.

Throughout the series, Sormaz provides modifications for each pose, so beginners or those with limited mobility can still participate in the practice. She also encourages viewers to listen to their bodies and take breaks when necessary.

In addition to the physical and mental benefits, Yoga for a Healthy Mind and Body includes a segment on the history and philosophy of yoga. This part of the course helps viewers understand the origins and significance of this ancient practice, giving them a more comprehensive understanding of yoga beyond the physical practice.

The visual aspect of the series adds an extra layer of relaxation and serenity to each yoga session. The natural setting, soft background music, and Sormaz's calming voice make the series enjoyable and peaceful to watch.

In conclusion, Yoga for a Healthy Mind and Body from The Great Courses Signature Collection is an excellent resource for anyone looking to improve their overall wellness. With Heidi Sormaz's expert guidance, viewers can experience the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of yoga in a thoughtful and approachable way. The series is well-organized, well-designed, and a valuable addition to anyone's wellness routine.

Yoga for a Healthy Mind and Body is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on June 27, 2014.

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Everyday Yoga
12. Everyday Yoga
June 27, 2014
Draw on the poses and routines presented in the course to develop a personalized yoga routine that will work for you in the everyday realities of 21st-century life. Keep sight of three principles: Breathe deliberately, move in non-habitual ways, and pursue mindful awareness.
Forrest Yoga
11. Forrest Yoga
June 27, 2014
Developed by American yoga teacher Ana Forrest, Forrest yoga is known for helping people deal with emotional issues, trauma, and addiction by creating a calm and untroubled internal state. Discover a new way of tuning into your feelings, using many techniques and postures you have already learned.
Anusara Yoga
10. Anusara Yoga
June 27, 2014
Explore the spiritual dimension of yoga through an Anusara practice, which combines the Iyengar system of alignment with elements of Hindu spirituality. After a Sanskrit invocation, follow a sequence of asanas that emphasizes awareness of energy flow and muscle action in your body.
Yin Yoga
9. Yin Yoga
June 27, 2014
Yin yoga is a complementary practice to a yang form, such as power yoga. The goal is very simple: Assume a shape with your body, relax with gravity, and rest in stillness. Unwind with yin poses that gently stretch your connective tissues, including tendons, ligaments, and fascia.
Power Yoga
8. Power Yoga
June 27, 2014
Transition to a more aerobic form of yoga--power vinyasa--in which a sequence of poses is strung together at an energetic pace. This is the form of yoga taught in many health clubs and gyms. Try a challenging flow, modifying the poses where appropriate for your level of fitness.
Iyengar Yoga
7. Iyengar Yoga
June 27, 2014
In the first of five lectures on different styles of yoga, experience a beginner sequence of Iyengar yoga. Named for pioneer yoga teacher B. K. S. Iyengar, this practice makes extensive use of props. Practice nine essential asanas, with optional props such as a wall, chair, strap, and blocks.
Yoga for Depression and Anxiety
6. Yoga for Depression and Anxiety
June 27, 2014
Examine how mindful, moving yoga can help interrupt the physical and psychological habits that lead to depression. Focus on sun salutations, a series of movements and poses linked by one breath per move. Perform the classic sun salutation, and then Surya namaskar A and B.
Yoga and Addictive Behavior
5. Yoga and Addictive Behavior
June 27, 2014
Discover how yoga and attention to the body's sensations can aid in breaking the vicious cycle of addictive behaviors. Perform patterned breathing, side bends, cat/cow, downward dog, lunges, forward fold, and reclined twist. End with savasana, the traditional closing posture in a yoga practice.
Yoga for a Healthy Heart
4. Yoga for a Healthy Heart
June 27, 2014
Yoga can lead to a healthier heart by providing a transition from a more sedentary lifestyle to a more active one. Trace the steps that will help you gradually build your yoga practice. Learn two new breathing exercises together with asanas that include warrior 1, knee-to-chest, and bridge.
Yoga and Pain Relief
3. Yoga and Pain Relief
June 27, 2014
Consider some key tools used in yoga to address physical pain: attention to breath and sensation, release of chronic muscle contractions, and healthier movement patterns. Practice asanas for each of these pain reduction techniques--including a chest opener, yoga pushup, plank, and staff pose.
Yoga Begins with the Breath
2. Yoga Begins with the Breath
June 27, 2014
The tension we accumulate every day tightens the muscles in the upper body, making it hard to breathe. Practice a mini yoga class that highlights mindful breathing to relieve this stress. Then add three new asanas to your yoga routine: warrior 2, bound angle, and downward facing dog.
Western Yoga
1. Western Yoga
June 27, 2014
Explore the roots of hatha yoga, the form of yoga widely practiced in the West. Focus on the three principles of hatha yoga--breath exercises, physical postures (called asanas), and meditation--which promote a healthy mind and body. Get started with some simple yoga exercises.
Where to Watch Yoga for a Healthy Mind and Body
Yoga for a Healthy Mind and Body is available for streaming on the The Great Courses Signature Collection website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Yoga for a Healthy Mind and Body on demand at Amazon, Kanopy and Hoopla.
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    June 27, 2014