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| | 1 hr 34 min | Action, Thriller

Dragon Tiger Gate () is a martial arts academy established by two powerful martial artists to stand up for justice and protect the city citizens from the triad gangs. The school also acts as a haven for children who have become orphaned as a result of gang activities. Wong Fu Hu, one of the founders of the academy, has two sons, Dragon and Tiger, each with a different mother. When the boys are still small, Dragon's mother chooses to leave the Gate, and gives Dragon half of a jade amulet pendant, telling him that Tiger has the other half. When Dragon's mother is killed in a fire, Dragon is taken under the wing of Ma Qwun, a triad boss for a rival martial arts gang called Luosha Gate. Dragon grows up and becomes Ma Qwun's personal bodyguard. Years later, Tiger and his friends are dining at a restaurant on the same day that Ma Qwun is receiving the Luosha plaque. The plaque is a symbol that shows that he is the top triad boss in the Luosha Gate, second only to its leader, Shibumi. Ma Qwun and the leader of The White Lions gang are arguing over the Louosha plaque when Tiger stars a fight with three gang members. Tiger throws the boss into the ceiling and the impact causes the ceiling to break and the Luosha plaque to fall through. One of Tiger's friends takes the plaque. Ma Qwun's underlings attack Tiger, who is able to fend them off easily. Then Dragon arrives and fights off Tiger; both brothers don't recognise each other. Ma Qwun calls the fight off. Later that night, Tiger and his friends eat at a Japanese restaurant, and Dragon comes to take the plaque back. Tiger and his companions collapse as a result of having been drugged by Scaly, Ma Qwun's assistant, who also wants to get the plaque in order to show-up Dragon and become Ma Qwun's favourite. Scaly orders his minions to attack Dragon, who fights them off. Turbo, a fighter who had also been enjoying his dinner in the restaurant, is brought into the fight and helps Dragon defeat the hoard. The fight ends and Dragon leaves with the Luosha plaque. Tiger finds Dragon's half of the jade pendant that had been dropped in the fight, and realizes their connection. Turbo follows Tiger to Dragon Tiger Gate, where he tries to enrol to better his martial arts, but is kicked out by Master Wong Jiang Long, the current leader of the Gate. Turbo camps out at the school, promising not to leave until Master Wong agrees to teach him. Master Wong agrees to spar with him, and Turbo is soundly defeated. Turbo is humbled, and allowed in as a student. Ma Qwun returns the Luosha plaque in hopes of retiring, much to the approval of Dragon and his daughter, Xiaoling. Xiaoling wants for a simpler life, while Dragon hopes to return to the Dragon Tiger Gate. Seeing this as an insult, Shibumi sends his lead henchmen, the Double Devils to kill Ma Qwun. He uses his subordinate Rosa to lure Dragon away as the hit is performed. Dragon arrives too late to save Ma Qwun, but defeats the Double Devils. He leaves Xiaoling in Tiger's care and leaves to mourn Ma Qwun. Shibumi is impressed by the defeat of the Double Devils and goes to Dragon Tiger Gate to set a challenge. The challenge is accepted by Turbo, Master Wong, and then Tiger. Master Wong is killed, while Turbo and Tiger and seriously injured. Xiaoling takes Turbo and Tiger to Mount Bai Yun for Master Qi's help in healing. He heals the two martial artists and teaches each of them a new technique to use in their inevitable fight with Shibumi. Tiger and Turbo go to Shibumi's Black Pagoda to stop his evil doings once and for all. Though they both have greatly improved, Shibumi fends them off until Dragon arrives to kill Shibumi himself. Dragon lures him into close-quarters combat and unleashes his technique, the Eighteen Dragon-Slaying Palms. In the end Dragon defeats Shibumi. Shibumi is still alive and runs away. Dragon then returns to Dragon Tiger Gate with Tiger and Turbo at his side.

Donnie Yen, Nicholas Tse, Shawn Yue, Dong Jie, Li Xiao-ran
Wilson Yip
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Dragon Tiger Gate
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