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  • 2011
  • 1 hr 40 min
  • 4.6  (384)

Magic to Win is a 2011 Hong Kong fantasy movie directed by Wilson Yip that revolves around four magic instructors competing to instruct the school's top magic student. The movie stars Chun Wu as a water mage, Louis Koo as a telekinesis instructor, Raymond Pak-Ming Wong as an illusionist, and Jing Wu as a fist mage. The movie opens with a scene of a carriage rushing through the night. Inside the carriage, we see the school's headmaster (played by Wu Ma) who is in possession of a magical stone that gives him immense power. The stone's magic is fueled by the energies of the students of the school, and the headmaster plans to use it to rule the world. However, he is attacked by a group of bandits who try to steal the stone from him. In the ensuing fight, the stone gets knocked out of his hand and ends up in the possession of a young man named Macy (played by Karena Ng).

Macy is a student at the magic school who has become disillusioned with magic after being bullied by other students. She meets the four instructors, who are in the middle of a dispute over which one of them should instruct the school's top student, Ben (played by Wu Chun). The four instructors - water mage Long Wu (played by Wu Chun), telekinesis instructor Ha Lisi (played by Louis Koo), illusionist Manchin (played by Raymond Pak-Ming Wong), and fist mage Nada (played by Jing Wu) - are all very different in terms of their personalities and teaching styles.

Macy shows the magical stone to the instructors, and that is when they realize that the headmaster's life is in danger. They set out to retrieve the stone and save the headmaster.

Throughout the movie, we follow the four instructors as they demonstrate their magical skills and compete to win the right to instruct Ben. They use their skills to fight against their arch-rivals and also to defend themselves against a group of evil magic users who have been attacking the students of the school. With each passing day, the competition between the instructors grows more fierce, and we see each one of them using their special abilities to impress Ben.

The movie is full of stunning visual effects and magic duels that are both exciting and suspenseful. We see Long Wu using his water magic to create huge waves and even form a water dragon. Ha Lisi uses his telekinetic powers to lift objects and even people into the air. Manchin is an expert in deception and is able to create illusions that are so real that they fool even the most experienced observers. Nada uses his fist magic to create a powerful shockwave that can knock out multiple enemies at once.

As the instructors compete with each other, they soon realize that Ben is not the only one they are fighting for. They all have personal stakes in the competition and are fighting for their own reasons. Some want to prove their worth as magic users, while others want to prove their abilities to their family members. The competition ultimately becomes a battle of wills, with the instructors using every trick in the book to outsmart each other.

Overall, Magic to Win is an entertaining fantasy movie that will appeal to all lovers of magic and wizardry. It has likable characters, stunning visuals, and will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Whether you are a fan of magic-based movies or just looking for something fun to watch, Magic to Win is definitely worth a watch.

Magic to Win
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