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| | 1 hr 47 min | Action, Adventure, Drama, Science Fiction

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome is a film about a post-apocalyptic warrior making his way in a harsh, brutal world and clinging to the rules of a forgotten world. We open with Max Rockatansky having all of his possessions, including is vehicle, stolen when he's attacked by a crazed pilot. Max manages to make his way to the grubby, horrible place called Bartertown where a power struggle is going on between Aunty Entity (the town's political leader) and Master Blaster (a duo made up of a diminutive genius and his hulking bodyguard who run the methane power plant that runs Bartertown). Entity hires Max to challenge Blaster in the gladiatorial arena called the Thunderdome, but when Max wins and finds out Blaster is developmentally challenged man with the mind of a child he refuses to kill the giant.

Mel Gibson, Tina Turner, Angelo Rossitto, Adam Cockburn, Bruce Spence
Angelo Rossitto, Angry Anderson
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Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome
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