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"A symphony of horror"

Also known as A Symphony of Horror this silent film by F. W. Murnau was originally meant to be a straight adaptation of Bram Stoker's Dracula. However,unable to gain permission, the characters and settings are changed but the story remains fairly true to the novel. Thomas Hutter is sent from Germany to Transylvania in order to finalize a lease with Count Orlok. Encountering superstitious locals he ignores their stories of death at the castle and continues his journey. Discovering the horrible truth he escapes the castle however Orlok is already on his way to Germany and Hutter's young wife.

| | 1 hr 3 min | 8.0/10
Max Schreck, Alexander Granach, Gustav von Wangenheim, Greta Schroder, Georg H. Schnell
Film Arts Guild
F.W. Murnau
Silent film, German intertitles

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