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"The line between this world and the next is about to be crossed"

The only survivors of a plane crash are working through the aftermath with the assistance of Claire, a therapist. As the five surviving passengers share their stories, Claire begins to realize that the tales include details that differ from the official reports and that something is amiss. Several odd and disturbing incidents make her suspect that the airline is covering up a secret about the crash. Romance blooms between Claire and Eric, the passenger that seems the most reluctant to share details of the crash. As the survivors begin to mysteriously disappear without explanation, Claire must work to unravel the mystery and find out what really happened on the doomed flight. Will she be able to uncover what happened

Drama, Mystery, Thriller, Romance
| | 1 hr 33 min | 5.8/10
Anne Hathaway, Patrick Wilson, Clea DuVall, Andre Braugher, Dianne Wiest
Sony Pictures/TriStar Pictures
Rodrigo Garcia

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