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"Too much is never enough."

Aspiring teenage film maker named Eric is trying to capture a faux-gangster style of living enjoyed by a teenage couple. A large fight between the two gangs and both gangs are forced to flee the area before the police arrive. A party later that night ensues at Eric's house the teenage couple he had been filming get intimate in the backseat of a car. The next day after a conversation the girl has with her father she and the gang take a trip to go purchase marijuana where they encounter a Mexican drug dealer. Her boyfriend feels he has been cheated by the amount he paid and the amount of marijuana he was given and confronts the drug dealer who pulls a gun on him. She talks the drug dealer down.

Later on Alison one of the teens Eric has been filming is invited to a party by the Mexican drug dealer. While he is interviewing Alison she plays a slew of mind games. Alison goes to hang out with Hector the drug dealer she's been in touch with and he gives her a tour with the area he lives and a background behind his lifestyle and family. They are both arrested on a surprise drug bust but luckily Alison is let off the hook. However she decides to go hang out with Hector and his gang again with a friend of hers.

Alison and her friend go to the party they were invited to and get drunk. They ask to join Hector's crew and are told for their initiation they must roll a die and depending on what it lands on that's how many members they had to sleep with. Alison rolls a 1 but has second thoughts and gets kicked out. Her friend rolls a 3 and starts to engage in sexual acts but then also has a change of mind.

Alison's boyfriend and his gang end up going on a revenge trip after the rape on her friend. The movie ends with Alison stating that teens seem to think they know everything when an adult gives them a bit of insight.

| 2005 | 1 hr 34 min | 5.5/10
Anne Hathaway, Bijou Phillips, Shiri Appleby, Michael Biehn
New Line Cinema
Barbara Kopple

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