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| | 1 hr 28 min | Adventure, Foreign

Pathfinder is the name of a 1987 Norwegian action-adventure film that is based off of an old Sami legend. Sami is the traditional name of the Norwegian people who occupy Norway. In the past barbarians known as Vikings used to roam and pillage this area. On a particular raiding trip a teenage boy named Aigin watches as his village is overrun by the invaders. His family and people are slaughtered but Aigin manages to get away. He is eventually captured by the invaders and forced to lead them to other Sami villages. Young Aigin agrees to their demands but he devises a plot to get revenge.

Mikal Gaup, Nils Utsi, Svein Scharffenberg, Helgi Skulason, Sverre Porsanger
Nils Gaup
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