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"Once you've checked in... The terror begins."
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Vacancy is about a couple named David and Amy that decides to take a more direct route. This shortcut leads to a motel that is horrendous, unpleasant, and clearly unattended. David and Amy thought they were going to get some rest but they will need all their energy for what's in store. Yet Amy and David are both tired. David takes a shortcut not knowing where he is going. The car is in need of maintenance and they arrive at an old nasty gas station, forced to stay there. Amy and David decide to stay at the motel right by it.

As Amy and David try to get comfortable in the cold, dusty and dirty room. With only one tv in the room David tries to occupy their time and decide to pop in a movie. As David is watching the movie he notices the room on the video is similar to their room. Amy and David try to stay calm until they notice a murder being done on tape in a room that looks like theirs. David and Amy automatically start searching the room until David comes across a video recorder soon knowing someone is watching them.

David and Amy are forced to go into survival mode with no where to go, no phone, and with cameras everywhere watching their every move. David and Amy do not want to be part of this freak show so they're not backing down at all. The killers are in for a treat with these two. David and Amy are prepared to fight back and they are not going to just sit there.

With this kind of suspense you will be at the end of your seat. Trapping a couple in a dusty, old, creepy room. T his couple is tired with no food or water. Where three crazy men terrorize an innocent couple of hours, where these killers can see every move and every moment David and Amy were going to do, where Amy and David started playing games with the killers. This shows so much strength a couple can have if you join together in a horrific situation.

| 2007 | 1 hr 20 min | 6.2/10 | 54/100
Kate Beckinsale, Luke Wilson, Frank Whaley, Ethan Embry
Nimrd Antal
Produced By
Stacy Cramer, Hal Lieberman, Brian Paschal

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