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The film "Purple Rain," is about a male who has a lot of potential in the music business because he has a lot of potential. The kid has come from a difficult childhood and so he is becoming a troubled adult. He decides to start a music business, and he meets a singer by the name of Apollonia. He learns from her that he needs more than talent to make it as a musician. The two of them are romantically involved with each other but the romance was untidy.

You will have to watch the film to see if he repeats his father's destructive behavior so he can move past it. He is attempting not be his father but you will have to see if he is successful at that or not. The male signer ends up losing a signer to Morris Day. Day plays the antagonist of the movie, and Day's band is named the Time. After he loses his love, he is also in risk or losing his band too. The band's name is the Revolution. He ends up understanding his connection to other people by the end of the movie. You will have to watch the film to see how it ends!

The director of the film is Albert Magnoli. The writers of the film are William Blinn and Albert Magnoli. The stars of the film are: Prince, Apollonia Kotero and Morris Day. Prince plays the part of the kid, while Kotero and Day have their same legal first names in the movie. In addition to acting in the movie, Prince also wrote some of the music for the film. Purple Rain is rated R. The film is 111 minutes long, and it came in July 1984. The movie fits under the following categorizes: drama, romance, and musical.

This was Prince's acting debut as he was known as a just a singer before he decided to be involved in this musical. The film was shot entirely in Minneapolis, and so there are a lot of local things for people who live in the city. The sequel to this movie was Graffiti Bridge, and it came out in 1990. The producers of the movie decided to extend the dance scene because of Prince's presence in the movie. If you like the 1980 musicals, you will enjoy this movie. It takes a certain kind of person to watch this film.

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