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| | 1 hr 57 min | Drama, Horror, Mystery, Science Fiction, Thriller

A team of ghost hunters pay a freelance camera man to photograph places looking for paranormal activity. From the sounds of things, previous attempts have been unsuccessful. The camera man is taking his pictures and this time captures a picture of a boy in a seemingly empty room. The team of ghost hunters are thrilled and take it upon themselves to further investigate. The ghost hunting team is actually a team of scientists whose research wasn't to hunt ghosts, but to discover the secret of anti-gravity and how to float or walk on the ceiling. Lead scientist Hashimoto creates an element called Menger Sponge . The Menger Sponge is material that can trap types of electromagnetic energy, such as a spirit. This Menger Sponge is used to entrap the young ghost boy in the room they found him in by surrounding the room in this material. Hashimoto traps the boy because he wants to study him and learn why ghosts exist. In order to be able to see and study the ghost, Hashimoto develops a spray form of the Menger Sponge that can be applied to the eyes. Once applied to the eyes, the ghost and all his actions are visible. Learning everything about the boy proves to be difficult. He moves his lips like he is talking but they can't figure out what he is saying. Everyday at 4:30 pm, he stands by the door and tries to leave the room but the Menger Sponge surrounding the door will not let him leave. As a result of these problems, Hashimoto hires the best detective he knows of; one who can read lips and has a "special" ability to see things that most people overlook. His name is Tung and he is very reluctant to join the team. When Hashimoto mentions this may help better understand how to help save Tung's sick mother, Tung reluctantly joins the team. Tung realizes this isn't going to be an easy assignment after seeing how violent the ghost boy can be. He studies the body of one dead victim from before he joined the team. He also witnesses one scientist get killed because she tried to help the boy escape and instead got trapped in the room and killed. Realizing this is a dangerous yet puzzling mystery, Tung does everything Hashimoto asks him to. He reads the lips of what the boy is saying to provide insight into the thoughts of a ghost. One day when the boy goes to the door at 4:30 like usual, despite knowing he is dangerous they let him out. Tung follows the boy everywhere to see where he goes and get clues as to who he is and how he died. As Tung begins to gather these clues and unravel the mystery of the young ghost, Hashimoto draws ever closer to discovering how people become ghosts and what drives their actions. But as the pieces of the puzzle begin to fall into place, is Hashimoto properly assessing the facts or is he blinded because he has an illness and is looking to become a ghost as a form of immortality. After an unfortunate accident, Hashimoto's studies are ordered to be shut down by his financier. With Hashimoto believing he has discovered the mystery of the boy, he decides to let the boy go. Where will the boy go and how dangerous is he? With the secret of the ghost seemingly figured out, will Hashimoto be able to use reason and recapture the ghost before people die or will Tung have to find a way to stop the ghost on his own?

Chen Chang, Yosuke Eguchi, Kar Yan Lam, Barbie Hsu, Chen Po-Lin
Chao-Bin Su
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