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Ted is a movie about a man named John and his best friend who happens to be a talking teddy bear. As a small boy, John was lonely and on Christmas, wished that his teddy bear would come alive so he could have a best friend. The wish became a reality and soon Ted became a real talking bear. In the beginning Ted was famous and John took him to talk shows and other promotional events. Then like all things the fame ended and it was just John and Ted. As John grew older, he and Ted were still the best of friends but, things got complicated between Johns grown up life and his relationship with his teddy bear.

Wanting to live like a college kid Ted, continued to have loud parties with adult entertainment in Johns apartment. However, Johns girlfriend who also lives there was getting tired of the mess and jokes. She tells John it's either their relationship or Ted. John realizing how much he loves his girl, helps Ted move out and make his own way.

Later at a party that is important to Johns girlfriend, Ted calls inviting him to a party that has Flash Gordon as a guest. John leaves his girlfriends business event to see Ted and never makes it back to his girl. Their relationship ends and Ted tries too help John win her back. Along the way Ted is kidnapped and you learn the meaning of love and friendship.

Although, this may sound like a family film, it is for adults only. Themes include sex, violence and drug use. Ted may be a teddy bear but, he is definitely a swear bear. There is also language that is unsuitable for children.

Ted stars Mark Wahlberg as John and Milan Kunis as his girlfriend Lori. The voice of Ted is provided by Seth MacFarlane. The story itself is narrated by Patrick Stewart. Seth MacFarlane directed, produced and wrote the screenplay for the film. The type of humor that MacFarlane brings to screen is the same style he portrays in his Family Guy television series only uncensored. If you like hard comedy with a little bit of drama and a cute story line, than Ted could be the film for you.

| | 1 hr 47 min | Comedy, Fantasy
Mila Kunis, Mark Wahlberg, Seth MacFarlane, Giovanni Ribisi, Joel McHale
Seth MacFarlane
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