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| | 1 hr 35 min | Drama

Samantha Horton, a former Miss Texas winner and an unemployed physical therapist interviews at a message parlor, where she is quickly hired. However, she soon discovers the business the masseuses who work there are actually prostitutes serving prominent businessmen. She quits in disgust, but with no other work coming for herself nor her husband Rex (Teddy Sears), three children to feed, and facing foreclosure, she decides to go back to the massage parlor and begins working under the name "Brandy". Lying to her husband and her mother (Cybill Shepherd) about the real nature of her job, Samantha brings in a lot of money and is able to shower her family with some of the luxuries they had never gotten to enjoy before. In addition to the money, her clients give her expensive jewelry and some even ask her to marry them. Samantha eventually turns to cocaine to cope with what she is doing.
When the police are tipped off to the what the business really is and raid the place, Samantha is charged with prostitution and drug possession. A lawyer friend helps her negotiate a reduced sentence in exchange for testifying against the clients she served. After the trial, she goes to jail for a short sentence. Upon her release, some local women visit her to offer forgiveness and ask for advice on heating up their own relationships. Her husband also forgives her and they start over with their marriage.

Jennifer Love Hewitt, Cybill Shepherd, Teddy Sears, Sonja Bennett, Kevin James
Eric Laneuville
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The Client List
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Jennifer Love Hewitt Gets Boob-Jobbed In 'The Client List' Ads

Yep, the day has finally come: we're actually asking that you take a moment, and meticulously examine Jennifer Love Hewitt's breasts. The former "Party Of Five", "Ghost Whisperer" and "I Know What You Did Last Summer" star has been the busiest little bee lately talking up her turn as a single mom moonlighting as a prostitute in Lifetime's new original series "The Client List".

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