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| | 1 hr 33 min | Comedy, Foreign

The protagonist, Alfredo Lpez, is an exasperated encyclopedia salesman for Montoya Publishing House and lives with his faithful wife Carmen in 1973 Spain. Carmen and Alfredo are offered by the Montoya Publishing House to create pornographic films that will be imported into Scandinavian countries under the pretence of being an audiovisual encyclopedia of human reproduction. Unknowingly, Carmen becomes an adult film star in the Northern European countries though they are well-paid for their films. In the meantime Alfredo and Carmen are trying to have a child and Carmen discovers that Alfredo has a sperm count of zero. Inspired to become a film-maker, Alfredo writes a Ingmar Bergman-inspired feature film titled Torremolinos 73. His boss offers to fund the filming of it with Alfredo as director and Carmen as the female star. At Carmen's suggestion, Alfredo's boss changes the final scene so that Carmen is to have sex with her male co-star so as to get herself pregnant. Alfredo eventually accepts this and the film ends with the couple having a daughter, and Alfredo beginning a new career as a wedding film director.

Javier Camara, Candela Pena, Juan Diego, Thomas Bo Larsen, Fernando Tejero
Pablo Berger
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Torremolinos 73
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