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Twilight is a romantic vampire movie. It is based on the novel written by Stephanie Meyer. For several months Stephanie Meyer kept having strange dreams. She started writing those dreams down so she would not forget details of them. Some of her friends and family told her she should turn those dreams into a book. At first Stephanie did not think she could and that the books would not be interesting to other people. After awhile Stephanie eventually started writing those dreams into a book. The dreams were long and dealt with different stages of the vampires life. Stephanie decided to split the dreams into several different books. She named the first book Twilight.

At first Stephanie was just going to keep the books to herself, but decided after awhile to try to get them published. She sent a copy of Twilight to different publishers and it got published. The Twilight series took off and sold millions of copies. Since the series was very popular, a producer decided to turn it into a movie.

The movie, and the book, are about a seventeen year old girl named Bella. She moves in with her father in a small town in Washington state close to the Pacific Ocean. Bella makes many friends at her new high school. In her biology class Bella gets a crush on a classmate named Edward Cullen. She sits by him but does not understand why he seems to be disgusted by her. Several days later, when she is in the parking lot at school, a car comes barreling towards her. Edward gets to her, from several feet away, quicker than humanly possible and stops the car from hitting her. Edward stopped the car with only his hand. Bella can not understand why neither one of them got hurt.

Edward keeps insisting to Bella that Bella should stay away from him and not to befriend him. Bella does not listen to him. Something keeps pulling Bella to Edward, but she does not know what it is and why she wants to know him. Bella follows Edward home one day. When Bella is at Edward's house, she finds out he is a vampire. Edward is a vampire who only consumes animal blood. Eventually Edward and Bella fall in love. Bella is then introduced to Edward's family, who are all vampires.

Twilight is a movie for the whole family, young and old. The young will enjoy it for the vampires. Teenagers and adults will enjoy Twilight for the vampires and the love story.

| | 2 hr 1 min
Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Billy Burke, Peter Facinelli, Elizabeth Reaser
Summit Entertainment
Catherine Hardwicke

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