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Series Length:1 Season, 15 Episodes

In this collection of comedic shorts, Charlie Chaplin dishes out plenty of laughs. Including the mischievous Tramp portraying a waiter, a drunk and a man mistakenly accused of shoplifting, among many other characters.

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Rating: 10/10
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15 Netflix Episodes
  • Charlie flirts gets into trouble when he flirts with two women. / A rough criminal gets into an argument over a girl in a dance hall. / Charlie is doing everything in his power to ruin Mabel's chance of winning a car race.

  • Charlie plays two roles -- that of Mr. Pest, a well-to-do inebriate, and Mr. Rowdy, a drunk poor man in the balcony, both causing problems in a theater. / Charlie is the janitor at a bank who dreams of winning Edna's heart.

  • Charlie is hired as a prop man at a motion picture studio, but is soon recruited to be an extra military soldier in a movie. / Edna is about to be forced to marry a count no one has ever met. Charlie steps in to impersonate the count.

  • Charlie is working on a movie comedy as a prop man's assistant. / Charlie is a referee for a fight in which Arbuckle is attempting to defeat the boxing champ for money. / Charlie and Sterling compete to aid a pretty girl crossing the street.

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