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"A touching story of love and friendship."
  • TV-PG
  • 2012
  • 1 hr 25 min
  • 7.0  (630)

A Dog Named Duke is an emotional family drama movie that follows the life of a man named Terry McKay (played by Steven Weber) who adopts a dog from his local shelter. The movie is directed by Mark Jean and is based on the book A Dog's Life by John Grogan. The movie begins with Terry McKay, who is recently divorced and lives alone, struggling with his life. He is still not over his ex-wife and spends his days struggling to make a living as a freelance artist. One day, while visiting his regular coffee shop, he sees a notice about a dog adoption at the local shelter. He decides to adopt a dog, thinking it will bring him some happiness and companionship.

Terry adopts a beautiful golden retriever from the shelter and names him Duke. Initially, Terry struggles with taking care of Duke, but with the help of his neighbor, Stephanie (played by Sarah Smyth), he slowly learns to take care of him. Terry soon realizes that Duke is not an ordinary dog; he is a special dog with a big heart and the ability to sense his owner's emotions.

As the days pass, Terry and Duke grow closer, and Duke becomes an integral part of Terry's life. When Duke falls ill, Terry is devastated, and the vet recommends a very expensive surgery to save Duke's life. Terry can't afford the surgery, and he faces a tough decision. However, he decides to do everything in his power to save Duke's life, and he even sells his artwork to raise the money for the surgery.

Throughout the movie, Terry also struggles with his relationship with his ex-wife and his son. He realizes that he has to let go of his past and focus on his present relationships. Stephanie, who has her own emotional baggage, becomes Terry's emotional support and confidant.

As the movie progresses, the relationship between Terry and Duke becomes stronger, and they both rely on each other for happiness and comfort. Duke's intuition and loyalty help Terry find a sense of purpose and happiness that he had lost.

A Dog Named Duke is an emotional movie that beautifully depicts the bond between a man and his dog. The movie showcases the power of love, loyalty, and friendship. The characters are well developed and relatable, and the performances are excellent. The movie also touches on important themes such as forgiveness, second chances, and the strength of human-animal bonds.

Overall, A Dog Named Duke is a heartwarming and emotional movie that is perfect for pet lovers and families. The movie is a reminder of the unconditional love and loyalty that our furry friends provide us with, and it is a celebration of the human-animal bond.

A Dog Named Duke
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