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"James Mason brings his genius to the strangest love story that ever haunted two hearts"
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  • 1945
  • 1 hr 33 min
  • 6.2  (904)

A Place of One's Own is a 1945 British film directed by Bernard Knowles that tells the story of Mr. and Mrs. Smedhurst, a middle-aged couple who move to the village of Shepmunster, hoping to find a place to call home. They are intrigued by a house named Danesbury, despite the warnings of their new neighbors. As they become more and more entrenched in the village's mysteries, they uncover secrets about the past residents of Danesbury, and ultimately come to a startling realization about their true home.

Based on a novel by Osbert Sitwell, A Place of One's Own is a classic British ghost story with an added layer of familial intrigue. The performances are top-notch, with Margaret Lockwood as the determined and no-nonsense Mrs. Smedhurst, James Mason as her supportive husband, and Barbara Mullen as the enigmatic housekeeper of Danesbury. The film garnered praise for its atmospheric cinematography and an excellent score from William Alwyn.

The story unfolds at a leisurely pace, as the Smedhursts settle into their new surroundings, meeting their neighbors and acquainting themselves with the local customs. Danesbury is a source of fascination for them from the moment they arrive in Shepmunster, and their curiosity only grows as they hear more and more rumors of the house's haunted past. Despite the fact that the house is supposedly cursed, the Smedhursts are drawn to it, convinced that it is the perfect place for them to spend the rest of their lives.

As they get to know the village's inhabitants, however, they begin to learn more about the stories that surround Danesbury. The house, it seems, has a history of causing tragedies for its inhabitants, from suicides to mysterious disappearances. Some of the locals believe that the house is cursed, while others dismiss such notions as superstitious nonsense. Mrs. Smedhurst, however, believes that there is more to the curse than meets the eye, and is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery.

As they begin to investigate Danesbury's history, the Smedhursts discover more and more secrets about the house's past inhabitants. They learn of a wealthy family who lived in the house years ago, and whose lives were ruined by a series of tragic events that were attributed to the curse. They also learn of a young woman named Annette who disappeared from the house years ago, leaving a trail of unanswered questions in her wake. The more the Smedhursts learn, the more they become convinced that there is something dark and dangerous at play.

Despite the ominous nature of the story, A Place of One's Own is ultimately a tale of redemption. The Smedhursts are given a chance to make amends for past mistakes, and to create a new life for themselves in a place that truly feels like home. The film's themes of family loyalty and the search for belonging are timeless, and resonate just as strongly today as they did in 1945.

Overall, A Place of One's Own is a beautifully crafted film that showcases the talent of its cast and crew. Its combination of supernatural suspense, family drama, and emotional resonance make it a classic that has stood the test of time. Fans of classic British cinema and ghost stories will find much to enjoy in this atmospheric and haunting film.

A Place of One's Own
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