A Warm Corner

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  • 1931
  • 1 hr 44 min
  • 6.5  (65)

In the 1930 film A Warm Corner, Leslie Henson plays Jack Tranter, a well-meaning but bumbling middle-aged man who suddenly inherits a large sum of money. With his new wealth, Jack sets out to impress his former flame Beatrice (Heather Thatcher), who is now a successful businesswoman. Meanwhile, a group of con artists led by Austin Melford's character are hoping to take advantage of Jack's naivete and steal his fortune.

The film opens with Jack working as a lowly clerk at a shipping company. He is in love with Beatrice, who used to work with him but has since become the boss's secretary. Despite his affections for her, Jack is too shy to make a move and instead spends his days dreaming of a life of luxury. His fortunes suddenly change when he learns that he has inherited a large sum of money from a distant relative.

Excited by his newfound wealth, Jack sets out to win Beatrice's heart by showering her with gifts and fancy dinners. Beatrice is initially hesitant to get involved with Jack again, but she eventually falls for his genuine kindness and romantic gestures. However, as their relationship heats up, Jack becomes increasingly targeted by a group of swindlers who are hoping to bilk him out of his fortune.

Led by Austin Melford's character, the con artists concoct a plan to trick Jack into investing in a phony oil well. Though Jack is initially hesitant to invest so much money in something that seems too good to be true, the con artists assure him that he will make a significant profit if he hands over his cash. As the scam unfolds, Beatrice grows suspicious of the group's true intentions and enlists the help of her boss to uncover their plot.

A Warm Corner is a lighthearted and charming romantic comedy that showcases Leslie Henson's comedic talents. His portrayal of Jack Tranter is endearing and relatable, as audiences root for the underdog to win both the girl and his fortune. Heather Thatcher is equally delightful as Beatrice, who serves as a strong female character and a voice of reason throughout the film. Together, the two actors have great chemistry that makes their romance feel genuine and heartwarming.

Austin Melford's performance as the villain is also noteworthy. He infuses his character with enough charm and charisma to make the audience understand how he is able to con naive individuals like Jack. The subplot involving the con artists adds an element of danger to the film, but it never becomes too dark or sinister.

Ultimately, A Warm Corner is a feel-good movie that leaves viewers with a sense of hope and optimism. It demonstrates the power of love and kindness, even in the face of greed and deceit. The film's 1930s setting also adds to its appeal, as audiences are transported back in time to an era of classic Hollywood romance and comedy.

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  • Release Date
  • Runtime
    1 hr 44 min
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  • IMDB Rating
    6.5  (65)