After This Our Exile

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This is a dramatic movie about a desperate man with a gambling problem. Shin has had a gambling problem for years. He has spent all the family’s money, savings and nothing is left except the debts to the loan shark. When his wife has had enough, she abandons him and their son. With no one else to help him, Shin teaches his son to become a thief so he can pay off the debts.

This is a story about a man who would rather give in to his weaknesses and addictions than keep his family. How long his son will remain with him is the question he must answer.

2006 | | 6.8/10
Aaron Kwok, Charlie Yeung, Ian Iskandar Gouw, Kelly Lin
Patrick Tam
Produced By
Li-kuang Chiu, Eric Tsang, Yu Dong
After This Our Exile
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Also directed by Patrick Tam