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  • M/PG
  • 1969
  • 2 hr 2 min
  • 6.2  (1,107)

Alfred the Great is a historical drama film from 1969, directed by Clive Donner and starring David Hemmings, Michael York, and Prunella Ransome. Set in 9th century England, the film tells the story of King Alfred (David Hemmings), who finds himself battling against the invading Danish Vikings led by Guthrum (Michael York). Alfred is a young and inexperienced king who must learn quickly how to lead and protect his people from the brutal Vikings.

As the movie opens, we see Alfred being crowned as king of Wessex, after his older brother dies in battle. Alfred is not seen as a strong or capable leader by most of his people, and the Vikings are taking advantage of this by raiding and pillaging across his kingdom. However, as time goes on and Alfred faces increasingly difficult situations, he grows in stature and confidence as a leader.

One of the key themes of the movie is the relationship between Alfred and the Vikings. Throughout the film, we see both sides struggle to understand and coexist with each other. Alfred, at first filled with resentment and anger towards the Vikings, eventually comes to realize that he must find a way to live with them and negotiate a peaceful solution. Meanwhile, Guthrum struggles to keep his own people in line and maintain his authority over them.

Another major plot point in the movie is the love triangle between Alfred, his wife (Prunella Ransome), and his childhood friend (Ian McKellen). The relationship between Alfred and his wife is strained, as he often puts his duties as king before her needs. However, when Alfred's friend returns from battle and begins to catch the eye of his wife, tensions rise and the situation becomes more complicated.

The movie is notable for its sweeping landscapes and battle scenes, which are both dramatic and realistic. The film also does an excellent job of portraying the historical setting and the details of everyday life in 9th century England.

Overall, Alfred the Great is a well-crafted historical drama that is both entertaining and educational. The performances are strong, particularly from David Hemmings as Alfred and Michael York as Guthrum. The story is engaging and the themes are relevant to modern-day issues of conflict resolution and leadership.

Alfred the Great
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