Almost Blue

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Almost Blue - 1993 deals with the subject of human emotions of depression, guilt and thoughts of suicide when faced with a life-changing event. When Morris Poole, played by Michael Madsen, has a violent argument with his wife, she accidently falls from a second-story window. As a jazz musician, Morris' work suffers. Not only does he feel responsible for his wife's death, his guilt is followed by such severe feelings of depression that he becomes near suicidal.

He isolates himself, unable to bear his own thoughts of hopelessness. Not only does he isolate, he becomes moody and unable to communicate on a level of happiness with anyone else.

Enter Jasmine, played by Lynette Walden. Jasmine is attracted to, and forms an attachment with Morris. Morris is still feeling depressed and on the brink of suicide.

Feeling responsible for his wife's death is unreasonable, yet Morris cannot get beyond those feelings without help. Lynette becomes a friend and ally, willingly assisting him with the love he needs to repair his failing career.

Severe depression has caused Morris to withdraw and become self-absorbed. The constant conflict Lynette faces is to give Morris moral support while keeping her own dignity. Although Morris' feelings of responsiblity for his wife's death are irrational, he simply cannot let go.

His grief over her death continues, despite the fact his unending grief does not help anyone at all, including his late wife. In his subconscious mind, Morris relives her death over and over again. He will not be happy until he forgives himself, and also lets go of the past.

The movie, Almost Blue - 1993, relates to life's problems in the face of tragedy; and how one man must find his way back to happiness, when the relationship with his next woman faces the risk of similar tragedy.

| 1993 | 1 hr 25 min | 5.7/10
Michael Madsen, Lynette Walden, Garrett Morris, Gale Mayron
Keoni Waxman
Almost Blue
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