The Killing Jar

The story opens with a group of people eating at a diner. Noreen is a talkative friendly waitress. Lonnie is a local cop. Hank is a regular patron. Billy and Star are two lovers intent on eloping. John is involved in sales. Finally, Jimmy is the disgruntled owner of the diner. The radio is playing, and a news report reveals that a family has been murdered in a nearby county. An unknown man then enters the diner in a black leather jacket. His demeanor makes Noreen feel uneasy, and she asks Lonnie to look into the matter. Uninterested, Lonnie ignores her concerns. After some time, Hank approaches Lonnie with similar concerns. Lonnie eventually approaches the man to find out what is going on. As the man gets aggressive with Lonnie, the cop pulls his gun.

| 2010 | 1 hr 30 min | 5.9/10
Mark Young
The Killing Jar

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