American Visa

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"American Visa" is a 2005 Mexican film produced and directed by Juan Carlos Valdivia and starring Demian Bichir, and Kate del Castillo. The film tells the story of Mario, who is a retired English teacher enjoying life from the Bolivian countryside. Mario dreams of seeing the United States. Now that his career and past are behind them, it seems that there is nothing that can stop Mario from achieving his dream until he meets Blanca, a dancer at a strip club. Blanca and Mario have two very different life dreams, and Mario must make a choice. Will he follow his dream of living in the United States or remain with Blanca?

| 2006 | | 6.2/10
Demián Bichir, Kate del Castillo, Roberto Barbery, Alberto Etcheverry
Juan Carlos Valdivia
American Visa
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