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"Every father wants more for his son."

The film entitled A Better Half is centered on the life of a young man named Carlos. He was working for Blasco at his garden as a gardener. However, his boss Blasco wanted to relocate to Mexico and he thought the best person to whom he could sell his garden and tools to was Carlos. Carlos however was not interested in buying them. So Blasco tried by all means to convince him to see reason and purchase the things he was offering him. Carlos had a son named Luis, who at the time was a high school student. He was in a relationship with a girl named Ruthie. Ruthie’s father was known for being the member of a notorious gang and he was the head of the group. Luis was neither happy nor comfortable with this aspect, especially the fact that all meetings were held at their house and he always saw the gang members around the house. As a result of all this, Luis always got distracted from studies and before he realized it, he had joined the gang. In order to buy the garden and everything else that Blasco was offering him, Carlos borrowed some money from his sister. He then became the owner of the garden and started hiring people to work for him. Unfortunately, one of his workers Santiago stole the truck and ran away. When Carlos found out about the theft he set out the next morning with Luis in search of Santiago. They found him at a nightclub and he told them he had sold the truck and used the money. They went and stole the truck from where Santiago had sold it. The film was written by Eric Eason and directed by Chris Weitz. The main characters included Demián Bichir starring as Carlos Galindo, Joaquín Cosio starring as Blasco Martinez, Carlos Linares as Santiago.

| | 1 hr 38 min | 7.2/10
Chris Weitz
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