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Chaturvedi is a successful astrologer with the ability to foresee the death of others. He wishes for his educated son Nadu to marry a suitable young woman named Indu. Nadu is in love with another woman named Sushma. Nadu's father informs him he will have two wives in his lifetime. Chaturvedi states his first wife will die less than a year after the wedding, then he is to remarry shortly after his wife passes away. Nadu is torn with this decision. He must choose if he wants to follow his heart and marry Sushma or forget her and marry Indu.

1985 | 2 hr 9 min | 7.6/10
Amol Palekar, Deepti Naval, Devika Mukherjee, Shreeram Lagoo
Amol Palekar
Produced By
Jayant Dharmadhikari, Amol Palekar
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Also directed by Amol Palekar

Also starring Amol Palekar