Anne B. Real

Anne B. Real is a film about a girl named Cynthia who lives in a scary and small apartment. She is a young woman who loves her life but doesn't have everything most girls have. She has a family that most people will find to be interesting. Anne finds that her life isn't exactly that easy to deal with, especially since the people around her are ruining her life. For one thing, she loses her best friend who was literally murdered. Her brother also is a complete drug addict and even sells drugs to make money. Anne Frank is her secret and slightly imaginary friend. She is a voice that she always hears in her mind. Her dead father, shown in a flashback, gives her a book before he dies. The title is the Diary Of Anne Frank. The book showcases the words and inspirational quotes of Anne, and within a couple of weeks, Cynthia makes those words her own words as well. Cynthia decides to buy a nice looking book that she can use the same way Anne did. Anne used it to record a few things that would happen in her day and mind. In the diary of Anne, Cynthia ends up discovering the simple quote that made her feel inspired to now let the mean things that happened to her make her feel bitter. She finds that she cannot let her current circumstances ruin her life, so she feels good by simply writing down her thoughts and feeling. As time goes on, she ends up creating beautiful poems and creative writing posts in her book, causing her brother to use those poems and give them to a rapper. Her brother actually records the songs as if it was his, and then he gets the money and attention that he needs. She feels like she was cheated by her own brother, so she listens to her heart and decides to get her music to be under her own name.

| 2002 | 1 hr 31 min | 2.1/10
Lisa France
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Anne B. Real