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The Countess Erzsebet Bathory (Anna Freil) was a Hungarian countess who was notorious for murdering young women and bathing in their blood, believing that bathing in the blood of virgins maintained her youthful beauty. This movie tells the story of the Erzsebet's life, marriage and relationships. Erzsebet is as a victim of circumstances and of a diabolical plot of powerful men who viewed her as a threat.

Erzsebet lives with her husband, Ferenc Nedasy (Vincent Regan), who is cruel and abusive towards her. Erzsebet falls in love with a talented and famous Italian artist, Caravaggio (Hans Matheson) and begins spending time with him. When she tries to win Carvaggio over, her husband is displeased.

Erzsebet later goes on to befriend a woman rumored to have great healing powers, Darvulia (Deana Jakubiskova). After the two become friends, those around Erzsebet begin to notice that she has managed to maintain her youth and beauty despite the passage of time and the stressful events of her life. Darvulia introduces herbal treatments and remedies to Erzsebet which help to maintain her youth, health and beauty.

Eventually Erzsebet's husband dies and she rises to a position of great political influence in Hungary, owning a substantial amount of land, money and other property. Palatine Thurzo (Karel Roden) is determined to end Erzsebet’s power and forms a sinister plot to frame the Countess and extinguish her influence. With many of those around Erzsebet suspicious of her mysterious ability to remain youthful and beautiful, Palatine Thurzo propogates rumors that Erzsebet is murdering innocent women as part of a method to maintain her beauty. With many people already suspicious that her ability to maintain her looks is the result of evil deeds, Erzsebet is in grave danger and must try her best to save herself.

| 2008 | 2 hr 18 min | 5.9/10
Anna Friel, Karel Roden, Vincent Regan, Hans Matheson
Juraj Jakubisko

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Bathory (2007) Original Trailer|3:21
Bathory, 2008 (trailer) - short version|2:10
Bathory, 2008 (trailer) - short version|2:10
Bathory (2007) Original Trailer|3:21

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