Be My Baby

"She Wanted Payback...He Wanted the Baby"
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Jason Maxwell Davenport is not your typical divorce lawyer, he believes in true love and commitment. Rather than convincing his clients to go for the throat his instead advising them along with their estranged spouses to go to counseling and work out their issues. But when he meets Rylee, a bitter bachelorette who, along with her best friend, an unemployed and unscrupulous actress, and her man chasing mother, blackmails adulterous men into thinking that they are the father of her (fake) child things get hairy. But what happens when Jason, his best friend Brad, and a sexy actress they have hired to complete their plan decide to turn the tables on Rylee?

| 2006 | 1 hr 26 min | 4.7/10
Julia Duffy, René Ashton, Casey Strand, Tara Mercurio
Bryce Olson
Be My Baby
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Also starring Julia Duffy