Beverly Hills Brats

"Scooter's in trouble now. His kidnappers don't take credit cards."

Beverly Hills Brats is an over the top comedy that tells the tale of Scooter, a teenager from a stereotypical, wealthy family from Beverly Hills, California. Being known as the oddball of the family for years, Scooter gets even more lost in obscurity after his father, who is a plastic surgeon, remarries to another well-to-do woman. Tired of the constant torture he is subjected to brought upon by neglect, and by constant teasing by his siblings, Scooter finally comes up with the brilliant plan to hire two criminals, and fake his own kidnapping. However, plans don't go as originally schemed, and it appears that even after being kidnapped, Scooter is still not missed and appreciated.

| 1989 | 1 hr 30 min | 3.9/10
Burt Young, Martin Sheen, Terry Moore, Peter Billingsley
Media Home Entertainment
Burt Young, Cathy Podewell
Beverly Hills Brats
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Beverly Hills Brats trailer|1:09
Beverly Hills Brats trailer|1:09