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"Ranjit, who makes fun of idiots, gets completely annoyed when he invites a tax inspector and a singer to his house."
  • NR
  • 2007
  • 1 hr 35 min
  • 7.6  (12,178)

Bheja Fry is a 2007 Indian comedy film directed by Sagar Ballary and starring Vinay Pathak, Rajat Kapoor, and Sarika Thakur. The movie is a modern adaptation of a French film, Dinner for Schmucks, but with a quintessentially Indian flavour. The movie revolves around Bharat Bhushan, a naive and simple man who is a kind-hearted income tax officer. Bharat loves to sing and has a crush on a colleague, Ranjini, who is aloof and unresponsive to his affections. One day, he receives an unexpected invitation to a party hosts by a wealthy couple, where he hopes to impress Ranjini.

At the party, Bharat meets the guests of honour, a pompous, arrogant, and self-absorbed music producer, Ranjeet Thadani, played by Rajat Kapoor. Bharat is a huge fan of Ranjeet and is over the moon to meet him. In his excitement, Bharat reveals that he is a singer and offers to sing for the guests, hoping to impress Ranjini.

However, things take an unexpected turn when Bharat accidentally ends up staying overnight at Thadani's house after the party. The next morning, Thadani's car breaks down, and he decides to take Bharat along with him on his way to a music audition with his boss, Seema, played by Sarika Thakur.

During the car ride, Thadani begins to get annoyed with Bharat and decides to have some fun at his expense. He starts asking Bharat tough general knowledge questions, hoping to show him up as a buffoon in front of Seema, with whom he hopes to impress. However, to Thadani's surprise, Bharat is an accidental genius and proves to be better educated and smarter than Thadani himself.

As the journey progresses, Thadani's opinion of Bharat changes, and he begins to see him as an equal. Thadani's ego is checked, and Bharat ends up being the unintentional star of the show, proving that intelligence comes in many forms, and it is the human qualities like kindness and honesty that truly matter.

Bheja Fry is a hilarious satire on class and intelligence, featuring excellent performances by its lead actors. Vinay Pathak, who portrays Bharat Bhushan, is a comic genius who captures the endearing qualities of his character perfectly. He is both vulnerable and lovable as the simple-minded tax inspector who unwittingly proves his intelligence.

Rajat Kapoor, who plays the role of Ranjeet Thadani, is also excellent as the pompous music producer who learns a valuable lesson about humility. His character is initially unlikeable, but as the story progresses, he becomes more endearing, and his transformation is believable.

Sarika Thakur, who plays Seema, is also outstanding in her supporting role. She provides the perfect foil to Thadani's ego and plays her part with grace and humour. The chemistry between the three actors is fantastic, and their interactions are a joy to watch.

Directed by Sagar Ballary, Bheja Fry is a well-crafted comedy that manages to strike a perfect balance between slapstick humour and poignant social commentary. The movie is a fantastic example of how quirky and offbeat Indian cinema can be.

In conclusion, Bheja Fry is a must-watch for fans of smart, quirky comedies that make you laugh while making you think. With excellent performances by its cast, an engaging plot and great direction, it is a movie that will leave you wanting more.

Bheja Fry
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    7.6  (12,178)