"The Best Goodbye Ever"
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In Dasvidaniya a man is given a medical death sentence and chooses to fully live the last few months of his life. Mumbai resident Amar Kaul is a man in his late thirties whose life is controlled by duty and schedules, at least until he is told that he has a stomach cancer that will kill him within months. Deciding to make the most of the time left he makes a ten point bucket list of all the things he’s been too scared to do until now, and all the things he must do before it’s too late.

2008 | | 7.9/10
Vinay Pathak, Sarita Joshi, Rajat Kapoor, Saurabh Shukla
Shashant Shah
Produced By
Guneet Monga, Vinay Pathak, Azam Khan
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Also directed by Shashant Shah

Also starring Vinay Pathak