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  • 1971
  • 3.6  (19)

Bikhare Moti is a classic Bollywood film from the year 1971 that starred the legendary Jeetendra, Babita Kapoor, and Sujit Kumar in lead roles. The movie was directed by T. Prakash Rao and produced by R.C. Kumar. The story of Bikhare Moti revolves around the life of a poor boy named Ravi, played by Jeetendra, who lives with his mother and sister in a small village in India. Due to poverty, Ravi and his family often have to go days without proper meals, but despite his struggles, Ravi is an optimistic young man who never loses hope.

One day, Ravi meets a rich and beautiful woman named Radha, played by Babita Kapoor, who is the daughter of a wealthy businessman. Radha is immediately drawn to Ravi's charm and sincerity, and the two soon develop a strong romantic connection.

However, their happiness is short-lived as Radha's father is strictly against their relationship and wants her to marry someone from a similar financial background. Meanwhile, Ravi faces many hurdles and obstacles on his journey to success, including being falsely accused of theft and having to spend time in prison.

Bikhare Moti showcases the struggles faced by people from lower socio-economic backgrounds in India and their determination to overcome these challenges. The film also highlights the stark differences between the rich and the poor in Indian society and their societal norms.

Jeetendra's performance as Ravi is nothing short of outstanding. He perfectly portrays the character's innocence, naivety, and determination. Babita Kapoor's performance as the rich and beautiful Radha is also noteworthy. The chemistry between the two leads is palpable, which makes their love story even more compelling.

The music of Bikhare Moti, composed by Laxmikant-Pyarelal, is another highlight of the film. The songs "Ek Sawal Main Karun", "Main Bewafa Nahin Hoon", and "Mujhko Is Raat Ki Tanhai Mein" are still popular among fans of Hindi cinema.

Overall, Bikhare Moti is a touching film that will leave you with a sense of hope and inspiration. It's a timeless classic that showcases the best of Indian cinema, and it's certainly a must-watch for any fan of Bollywood films.

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    3.6  (19)