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"Two brothers, you can choose your dreams, but you can't choose family."
  • R
  • 2007
  • 6.9  (2,677)

Black Irish is an emotion-filled drama released in 2007, directed by Brad Gann. It is a story of a family residing in South Boston, where the father is an alcoholic and the son, Cole (Michael Angarano), struggles to find his place in the world amidst the chaos of his home life. The movie opens with Cole practicing his boxing skills with his neighbor, Timmins (Tom Guiry). It is evident from the beginning that Cole is a young man who is constantly striving for more, both physically and mentally. However, his father, Desmond (Brendan Gleeson), is constantly drunk and fails to support his son's aspirations.

The Donovan family is of Irish descent and has been living in the same neighborhood for generations. Cole's mother, Margaret (Melissa Leo), is a devout Catholic who is desperately trying to keep the family together. She prays to Saint Jude, the patron saint of lost causes, in hopes that her husband will stop drinking and start being present for his family.

The tension in the household is compounded when a new family arrives in the neighborhood. The Carneys are an affluent, African American family who are met with suspicion and prejudice from the Irish residents. Cole befriends their daughter, Kathleen (Emily VanCamp), and gradually starts to understand the differences and similarities between their families.

Cole's life starts to unravel when he is expelled from school for defending his friend and neighbor, Timmins, in a fight. His father spirals further into alcoholism, leading to a violent outburst at a local bar. Cole finds solace in his relationship with Kathleen and decides to make a stand against the societal and familial pressures that have become too much to handle.

Throughout the movie, the themes of identity, loyalty, and forgiveness run deeply. The characters grapple with their own identities and the stereotypes that come with their cultures. They must learn how to be loyal not only to their families but to themselves. Finally, forgiveness is a central theme that is continually tested throughout the story.

The performances of the actors in the movie are top-notch. Michael Angarano gives a convincing portrayal of a young man trying to blaze his own trail while still being loyal to his family. Brendan Gleeson is masterful in his portrayal of the troubled and alcoholic father, Desmond. Emily VanCamp and Tom Guiry also shine in their respective roles.

The cinematography in Black Irish is also noteworthy. The movie's setting of South Boston is captured beautifully, and the contrast between the rundown neighborhood and the affluent Carney home is striking. The boxing scenes are also shot in a way that highlights the brutality and beauty of the sport.

Overall, Black Irish is an emotional and thought-provoking film that tackles themes of identity, loyalty, and forgiveness. The characters are well-developed and the performances are top-notch. The scenery and cinematography are also beautifully done. If you're looking for a drama that will leave you pondering long after the credits have rolled, Black Irish is worth a watch.

Black Irish
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