Blowing Wild

"Fighting wild! Loving wild!"
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Blowing Wild is an action adventure drama film that was released in 1953. The film follows a pair of adventurers who are trying to make it big by drilling for oil in South America. However, things go wrong when a gang of thieves blow up their well, and they have to take a dangerous job transporting nitroglycerine for money. During the job, one of the two is shot in the leg, and the other one takes on a job managing wells for an old friend. However, the same gang of thieves soon turns up, and threatens to blow up the wells if their demands are not met.

| 1953 | 1 hr 30 min | 6.4/10
Gary Cooper, Barbara Stanwyck, Ruth Roman, Anthony Quinn
United States Pictures
Hugo Fregonese
Produced By
Milton Sperling
Blowing Wild
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