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  • 1999
  • 1 hr 34 min
  • 6.3  (518)

Caresses is a Spanish drama film from 1998, directed by Ventura Pons. The movie features a talented ensemble cast including David Selvas, Laura Conejero, and Julieta Serrano. At its core, Caresses is a film about the complex dynamic of family relationships, the secrets we keep from one another, and the effect they can have on our personal lives. The movie follows the tumultuous journey of several family members as they navigate their way through a web of lies, lust, and betrayal.

The story kicks off with a seemingly perfect family gathering to celebrate the birthday of the family patriarch. Guests are in high spirits until a phone call disrupts the festivities and sets off a domino effect of secrets tumbling out into the open. As one family member reveals his affair with his brother's wife, another confesses that he is gay, and all the while everyone is aware of the impending death of the family matriarch.

The movie weaves in and out of these confessions and the fallout that they cause. We see how the relationships between the family members become strained under the weight of all these secrets, and how each member tries to grapple with their own personal demons.

David Selvas delivers a captivating performance as the family patriarch, a man who is grappling with his own mortality and the secrets he's kept from his family. Laura Conejero is equally excellent as his daughter, whose own secrets have driven her to pursue an unconventional and ultimately doomed relationship.

Julieta Serrano is also a standout performer, playing the family matriarch who is holding on to the last of her strength as she desperately tries to keep her family together.

The film is beautifully shot, making great use of the Spanish countryside to create an intimate and tragic atmosphere. The tension and drama that is palpable during the family gathering is well captured by the camera work, and the emotional performances of the actors.

Overall, Caresses is a powerful and emotional film that offers a brutal and unflinching look at the complexities of family relationships. It's a movie that will make you think, and that will stay with you long after the credits have rolled.

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    6.3  (518)