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"One Year on a Deserted Tropical Island. 'Wife' 20-30 needed to accompany man 35+. Write to Box 775 with details and evening phone number."
  • R
  • 1986
  • 1 hr 57 min
  • 5.8  (3,504)

From acclaimed director Nicolas Roeg, Castaway stars Oliver Reed (as Gerald Kingsland) and Amanda Donohue (as Lucy Irvine). This beautifully scenic, somewhat erotic adventure is actually based on two non-fiction best-selling books (Castaway by Lucy Irvine and The Islander by Gerald Kingsland). Both books are written about Kingsland’s advertisement, and Irvine’s acceptance, looking for a wife to accompany him on a tropical island for a year.

Kingsland places an advertisement in the paper looking for a wife to join him on a tropical island for a year. Along with fifty other applicants, Lucy answers the ad. Kingsland and Irvine agree to make the journey together, and are married shortly before the trip. Before leaving for the island of Tuin, Lucy learns that she is expected to pay for the trip so the initial “honeymoon” starts out on already unsteady ground.

While on the island, both begin to learn a lot about each other and times it is more than they want to know. But, in the midst of learning about each other they soon realize that they are also, and more importantly, on a journey of self discovery.

Through many trials, the two start to realize that Lucy is stronger than even she thought she was and as things seemingly get worse and worse for the two it is Lucy that steps up and makes it work for the remainder of the agreement. They run into numerous disagreements, and at one point Kingsland falls ill from an infection to the foot. Lucy becomes afraid of him at several points, because his anger is much more pronounced than she had expected and certainly more than she was comfortable with.

Ultimately, when the thirteen month escapade is over Lucy makes the decision to head back to Britain and begin her life again, while Kingsland chooses to stay isolated on the island. The book Castaway, is based on Lucy’s memoirs that she began writing upon her return.

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    1 hr 57 min
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    5.8  (3,504)