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  • 2020
  • 6.4  (62)

Christmas Dilemma is an emotional and heartwarming family drama that depicts the struggle of an African-American couple to reconcile their cultural differences during the holiday season. The movie begins with a happy family scene where Tiffany and her husband, Marcus, along with their two children, prepare to celebrate Christmas at Tiffany's parents' house. However, in the meantime, the couple's cultural differences surface, causing tension and conflicts that threaten to ruin the joyous occasion.

Tiffany and Marcus have been married for ten years, and they share a loving and caring relationship. However, Marcus is an aspiring businessman who is heavily influenced by modern culture and values, while Tiffany is a devout Christian who deeply cherishes her family traditions and values. These differences become more evident when the couple and their children arrive at Tiffany's parents' house, where the family follows a set of strict Christian rituals and customs.

As the family proceeds with their Christmas celebrations, Marcus finds it difficult to adjust to their conservative customs, which include reading the Bible, praying, and sharing their blessings with the needy. Marcus feels out of place, and he is unable to connect with his in-laws, who he feels are overly traditional and restrictive. Tiffany, on the other hand, feels stressed and anxious due to Marcus's differing views and his inability to appreciate her family traditions.

Adding to their woes, Marcus's sister, Audra, visits them with her boyfriend, who is a white American. This new arrival further complicates the situation, as Tiffany's parents are against interracial relationships due to their religious beliefs. This sparks a heated debate, and Audrey's boyfriend also finds it difficult to adjust to Tiffany's family traditions, adding to the conflict.

Throughout the movie, the couple attempts to reconcile their differences and try to appreciate each other's cultural background. They also try to find common ground for their kids and maintain the holiday cheer despite the cultural differences.

The cinematography and set design of the movie are delightful to watch, depicting the warm and cozy ambiance of a traditional Christian household. The movie is beautifully shot, capturing the emotions, joy, and nostalgia, and the cast delivers excellent performances conveying the turmoil of their characters.

One of the significant themes of the movie is the struggle to keep family traditions and values alive while adapting to the changing times. The movie portrays the importance of accepting and appreciating different cultures and beliefs, even if they differ from our own. The movie also highlights the challenges of a multi-cultural relationship and how it requires patience, understanding, and compromise to make it work.

The movie's title, Christmas Dilemma, aptly describes the central conflict of the movie, as the couple is torn between their cultural differences and the desire to celebrate and enjoy the holiday season with their loved ones. The movie is a perfect watch for families who struggle with similar cultural differences and want to maintain the family bond during the festive season.

In conclusion, Christmas Dilemma is a charming and captivating family drama that explores the conflict between cultural differences and family traditions. The movie portrays the emotional struggles of a couple and their attempts to reconcile their differences while finding common ground to maintain their family bond. The movie is a great watch for anyone who wants to experience the warmth and nostalgia of Christmas through the eyes of a modern family trying to keep their traditions alive.

Christmas Dilemma
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