"Some Doors Should Never Be Opened"

"Consinsual" is a film about a young and successful African American couple that has their marriage put to the test through a series of lies, deception and betrayal. When a thief breaks into the home of a young black couple, the husband is apprehensive about subduing the criminal. So his wife steps up and tries to drive the criminal away. After she takes action she is almost hurt. She ends up becoming angry with her husband and believes that he is a coward. Soon, the young wife loses respect for her man and he wants to get it back from her. She no longer trusts him to be her protector and she seeks this quality out in another man. When she does, her husband decides to come up with a plan to get his wife back. After the husband enacts his plan, his wife feels as if he lost his mind. Now she wants to get away from him, forever. There are plot twists, turns and unexpected actions that make this film suspenseful and very dramatic to watch. "Consinsual" stars Keena Ferguson, Siaka Massaquoi, Leonard Thomas, Kathryn J. Taylor and Bryan Keith.

| 2009 | 1 hr 33 min | 3.9/10
Paul D. Hannah
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