Darker than Amber

"Travis McGee is having a conference with one of his clients. Business as usual."
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Darker than Amber is a 1970 drama based on a novel by John D. MacDonald. Robert Clouse directed the film and it features Rod Taylor is the starring role. An interesting bit of film trivia is that film that Jane Russell appeared in. Taylor plays Travis McGee. McGee and his close friend are moored under a bridge. A young woman is thrown into the water with her ankles encased in cement. McGee saves her. We find out that she is an ex-prostitute named Vangie. She was involved in a murder and prostitution scheme. This sets up the premise for the movie.

| 1970 | 1 hr 36 min | 6.2/10
Rod Taylor, Theodore Bikel, Suzy Kendall, Ahna Capri
Robert Clouse
Darker than Amber
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