Nobody Runs Forever

"In A Moment He Could Be Dead! - and the only man who could save him was going to arrest him for murder!"
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This is an action thriller movie about the politics of murder. A police officer must apprehend an Australian High Commissioner for the crime of murder. The suspect is currently in sensitive political discussion about a peace plan. Since the murder happened years ago, the police decide to wait until the talks are finished and maintain a watch on the commissioner.

The police officer assigned to the case does not have much to do. The talks progress slowly, so he begins listening to the various rumors circulating. He learns the man he will be arresting is already marked for a murder, his own.

| 1968 | 1 hr 41 min | 6.0/10
Rod Taylor, Christopher Plummer, Lilli Palmer, Camilla Sparv
Ralph Thomas
Produced By
Betty E. Box
Nobody Runs Forever
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