"All of life is salt water ... tears, sweat and the sea."
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The movie Deeply is a movie about Claire McKay who is suffering from the loss of her boyfriend. Claire’s mother brings her away from city with the intent of allowing her to recover from her depressing emotional state. The place where her mother brings her is Ironbound Island, which is her mother’s birthplace. While staying at Ironbound Island, Claire meets an interesting writer named Celia. Celia has a lot of flashbacks and can fairly relate to Claire’s situation. While on the flashbacks, the character Silly is being played. Silly was being chosen as the next victim of a curse placed by the Vikings on the island few centuries.

The curse that is placed on the island dictates that every fifty years a “chosen one” must be sacrificed at sea or else the fishes that the islanders depend so much will not return.

During Silly’s flashbacks, she discovers a list that enumerates the names of the past victims. She finds her name on the list and realizes that she is the next victim of the curse.

However, what happened is that the sea never took her. Instead, the sea took Silly’s lover. It was said that the curse took a different angle of taking her lover so that she may live the rest of her life suffering from the pain of her loss.

Celia continues to tell Claire about her story of love and loss. Claire’s time on the island and with Celia’s stories eventually helps her to purge out the negative emotions that is caused by the death of her boyfriend. Claire picks up her violin again which she stopped playing since her boyfriend died.

The final scene of the movie is showing a shoal of fish that points out to the fact that the fishes do come back to the island. After the clip, the credits then are rolled.

| 2000 | 1 min | 5.9/10
Kirsten Dunst, Lynn Redgrave, Julia Brendler, Trent Ford
Sheri Elwood
Produced By
Karen Arikian, Carolynne Bell
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